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Student Development and Placement Center of SSC-R Manila celebrates its 19th SDPC Week with the theme: H.E.A.L.T.H.Y LIFE (Holistic Empowerment And Living Towards a HappY Life) from September 22 to September 29.

Series of activities are being conducted to cater students from all levels, parents, school staff, and immediate public.

SDPC and the Grade School Department have organized Storytelling activity for gradeschool and kindergarten students for September 22 with Ms. Angeline Basuel and Ms. Mildred Parintila as facilitators. Seminars on “It’s never OK! A primer on the Big B (Bullying)” is set for September 23 with their speaker, Ms. Merimee U. Tampus, RGC 9th placer; “Approaches in Teaching Pupils with ADHD” is for September 24 with Ms. Audrey Ann H. Bobis as speaker; “Personality Development for Yayas, Maids and Drivers” is prepared with Ms. Francine Rose A. De Castro, RGC, RP Psy as resource person; and “When Friendships Blossom: Boy-Girl Relationships” is scheduled for Grade 6 pupils for September 25 with Mrs. Zeny Ungson.

A homage for gradeschool students’ grandparents entitled “Young at Heart: A Tribute to Lola Mommy and Lolo Daddy” and seminars on “Peer Pressure” and “The Magic of Getting Good Grades” are organized for September 26 with invited speakers, Mr. Floyd Batongbakal and Mr. Juanito D. Alcazar, RGC. In addition, Parenting Seminar dubbed as “Can’t Stop Clicking: Managing Cyber Overuse Among Children” will be conducted on September 27 with Mr. Eduardo Caligner.

Meanwhile, SDPC collaborated with the High School Department to conduct group counseling. Creative Techniques for Wellness, employing creative work as a form of non-verbal expression in a therapeutic setting and using experiential exercise through different creative modalities as a counseling technique and intervention and group processing, are designed for students.

“Angel Card” and “Popsicle Stick Art” are used for Grade 7, “Beads that Heal” and “Corrugated Paper Art” are chosen for Grade 8, “Sand Tray Work” and “Stone Art” are for Grade 9, and “Music Therapy” and “Mask Art” are selected for 4th year high school students.

Using creative techniques for group counseling aims to provide individuals a meaningful avenue to freely express self and to be able to choose a more balanced life, mindful of their well-being.

On the other hand, Peer-Pop Jingle Making Contest is organized for college students, while a talk entitled “Fortifying the Sebastinian Skills to Achieve Success” is scheduled for September 26 for 3rd and 4th year students from CIHM and CAS with Mr. Kim Chua, Senior Marketing Manager of Jobs180.com, as resource speaker.

Parenting Seminar: “Rekindling, Empowering and Deepening Family Relationships” is also open for college students’ parents and non-teaching personnel of SSC-R Manila. SDPC invited Rev. Fr. Allan Morris T. Abuan, Archdiocesan Director for Family and Life of Lingayen Dagupan, to give the talk, while Relaxation Training is conducted for Psychology students from National Teachers College.

SDPC Personnel and Guidance Counselors from Gradeschool Department, Mrs. Ana Lourdes C. Aseron and Mrs. Ma. Corazon B. Tuazon; from High School Department, Mrs. Analyn R. Ripotola and Ms. Karen Dianne C. Guevarra; from College Department, Ms. Katherine C. Kalalo and Mr. Giovanni Carlo L. Atendido; from Law Department, Ms. Ma. Teresa E. Ronquillo; School Psychometrician, Mrs. Teresa U. Tubania; and SDPC Head, Mrs. Mary Jane D. Bautista, RGC, initiated and organized the week-long program.