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Corporate Communications Department

The Corporate Communications Office is directly under the office of the President. The office is manned by the Corporate Communications Director with Corporate Communications Officer and two student assistants who are helping in the clerical and coordinative monitoring and documentation functions of the office.

Under the Corporate Communications Office is the Information Center, a venue that will serve as the main headquarters to welcome and entertain guests, applicants, and other external stakeholders of SSCR, Manila. This will also serve as the bulletin of information to keep students, faculty, non-teaching personnel and other internal stakeholders abreast of what’s in and out of their alma mater. There are three student assistants assigned to this office together with the Guidance Counselors on a schedule basis.


Generally, the Corporation Communications Office is in-charge to centralize all marketing functions and efforts of the entire institution as well as to harmonize the general positioning statement of the organization to achieve constancy & consistency in all its communication efforts thus:

The office is viewed to perform functions that would generate promotional and institutional programs from the school. It plays a very significant role in the recruitment planning and implementation.

Establishing coordination for institutional image enhancement within and outside the organization is also an important function. Internal projects that need significant coordination will the internal and external publics need to be attended to by the office. Collaboration with the media, partner, agency, suppliers, alumni, other industry players as well as the corporate sectors is also an important function.

Corporate Communications Office is also tasked with the conceptualization of creative materials for marketing and organizational communications. It is also responsible for the documentation of important internal affairs for publicity or media mileage. The office also acts as a correspondent for inviting journals and publications.


Ms. Marygrace Ac-ac – Corporate Communications Director

Ms. Jaivie L. Del Socorro- Corporate Communications Officer

Office Hours:
Monday – Friday – 8:00am – 12:00nn & 1:00pm – 5:00pm
Saturday – 8:00am – 12:00nn

Contact Information:
Main Office : 734-8931 to 39 local 216

Information Center : 734-8931 to 39 local 211