Aids and Scholarships

Understanding how you value education and realizing the difficulties you might be having , we, at SSC-R, would like to assist you.

Academic Scholarship (Resident Students)

1st Honors100%
2nd Honors50%
3rd Honors25%

Scope: first top three (3) students in their respective grade levels – Kinder 2, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6.

Note: Discount coverage shall be on tuition fee only.

Academic Scholarship (Honor Graduates from SSC-R Elem. Dept.)

First Honorable Mention25%

Note: Discount coverage shall be on tuition fee only.

Academic Scholarship (Honor Graduates from Other Schools)

Three (3) 100%1st to 3rd ranks
Four (4) 50%4th to 7th ranks
Three (3) 25%8th to 10th ranks

Qualified Students: Valedictorian, Salutatorian & First Honorable Mention

Note: Discount coverage shall be on tuition fee only.

Qualification: graduated from a duly-recognized elementary school with a batch of not less than 50 students in population.

Requirements: 1. A recommendation from the School Principal shall be submitted upon enrollment. 2. Must pass the tuition scholarship test administered by the High School Dept. This test will determine the ranking and the possible discount to be given to the scholars.

Academic Scholarship (Resident Students)

SSC-R Athletics Scholarship

Academic Scholarship

Valedictorian            100% of tuition fees and miscellaneous fees

Salutatorian               75% of tuition fees and miscellaneous fees

First Honorable         50% of tuition fees and miscellaneous fees

Second Honorable    25% of tuition fees

Top 20 Students        25% of tuition fees

Requirements: certificate of honors received

Note: Scholarship is valid for one year (2 semesters) but may be cancelled after a semester if the grantee obtains a grade of 84 and below in any subject, and commits a grave violation of the institution’s disciplinary policies.

Recoletos Education Assistance for Deserving Students


  • Baptismal Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • Family & House Picture
  • Medical Certificate
  • 2 pcs. 1×1 and 2×2 pictures
  • Application Letter to the READS Director
  • Latest Income Tax Return or Certification issued by the barangay captain attesting the unemployment status of the applicant and his family
  • Qualifications:1. must comply with the psychological evaluation conducted by the Student Development and Placement Center

    2. physically fit and free from any ailment

    3. a high school graduate with no academic grade lower than 80% and/or must have a general weighted average of at least 85%

    4. must be evaluated as financially incapable but academically competent to comply with the academic standards of the school

St. Augustine Academia Tuition Grant


1. one year residency

2. no grade lower than 85 in any subjects and has no marks of NA and DA

3. general weighted average of 90% for one complete curriculum year

4. minimum of 18 units per semester

Note: Discount coverage shall be on tuition fee only.

Guidelines and Policies:1. One scholar per year level per department will be chosen for each bracket. A total of 27 slots are available to all departments.

2. The department, in cooperation with its own departmental alumni or other organizations, may add more slots in cooperation with the offices of the VP Student Welfare and VP Finance.

3. Tuition grant or discount is applied to respective medal categories:

Gold Medal Awardee                    100%

Silver Medal Awardee                   50%

Bronze Medal Awardee                  25%

4. In case two or more students belong to the same medal category, the following criteria are to be applied to determine the awardee:

A. the higher general average grade;

B. the more number of units enrolled;

C. better individual grade performance (“no-grade-below” criterion); and

D. better grade in NSTP or P.E.

5. The student ranked is awarded the succeeding tuition discount.

SSC-R Athletics Scholarship


1. He/She must pass the entrance examinations.

2. He/She must not be more than 22 years of age, physically and psychologically fit.

3. He/She must be able to pass the try-out evaluation, and must have the recommendation of the coach submitted to the Sports Moderator for approval.

4. He/She must have a certification of good moral character and has never been subjected to any disciplinary action.

5. He/She must abide by the rules and regulations of the College and pass his/her enrolled subjects.


1. Qualified athletes are given 100% or 50% tuition and miscellaneous fee discount.

2. They are entitled to practice and game allowances.

3. They are exempted from attending P.E. and NSTP classes.


Golden Stags Cheerleading Squad/ San Sebastian Jammer Stags


1. a bona fide SSC-R student, with a regular load of at least 18 units per semester

2. physically fit and not more than 24 years old

3. completed the probationary period of two consecutive semesters or one academic year

4. able to pass the Attendance and Performance Evaluation

5. no record of serious/less serious violations of the College’s rules and regulations or any violations punishable with suspension as certified by the Student Affairs Office

6. not a  member of any fraternity/sorority or organization engaged in activities harmful to the interest of the College

7. no failing grade or mark of DA and NA

Incentives and Scholarship Grants for Regular Members:1. exemption from attending NSTP and P.E. classes

2. allowance during official events

3. free Golden Stags Cheerleading Squad Squad/San Sebastian Jammerstags uniform

4. 20% discount on tuition fees only (first year of qualification in the scholarship program)

5. 30% discount on tuition fees only (second year and succeeding years of qualification in the scholarship program)

6. 50% discount on tuition fees only (third year of qualification in the scholarship program)

Incentive Guidelines:

1. Tuition fee discount applies only up to a maximum of 24 units of the enrolled subjects every semester and 9 units during summer.

2. Tuition fee discount does not apply to enrolled subject units beyond the abovementioned limitation.

3. The incentives shall be enjoyed by qualified members for a period of one semester and subject for renewal based on the evaluation by the Scholarship Office.

Lamudi Philippines Scholarship Program


1. General Eligibility

Age: 18 years old and above

Level: Undergraduate, 3rd and 4th year

Undergraduates studying the following disciplines are encouraged to apply: Business and Management, Economics, Marketing, Media and Communications, Information Technology and Computer Science, Engineering, and other relevant majors.

2. Academic Merit 

The student must have a minimum 2.25 GWA from his or her first year up to present.

3. Financial Need

The applicant must write a 500-word Letter of Intent in English expressing why he or she should be one of the recipients of the scholarship. The need for financial assistance should be described in the letter.

4. Force of Character

The determination to accomplish the degree and the desire to excel must also be conveyed in the letter of intent. Experiences in overcoming educational obstacles will be highly considered.

Requirements:1. Online Application Form

2. Certificate of enrollment registration form, or a scanned copy of the student’s valid school ID

3. Copy of the Transcript of Records

4. Letter of recommendation from a professor in a subject relevant and directly related to the student’s degree, which should include the applicant’s program and dates of attendance

5. Letter of Intent


  • Start of Application: March 27, 2017
  • Deadline of Application: My 2017
  • Term: One student per semester for the academic year 2017-2018

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