You came looking for them. They were very simple men when you found them. You began by working with them and on them. You were not scandalized by any of their weaknesses. You identified these weaknesses, brought them to light, and transformed them into strengths. You believed in them even when they refused to believe in themselves. You loved … [Read more...]

PAGkain Ilaw tuBIG


The following is an article written about a collaborative work between Chefs Vernier Miranda and Benedicto Bernardo, and the Center for Culture and the Arts. The experimental theatre work (a medley of four very short plays) viewed love as a basic need – like food, light, and water – that could quench someone’s hunger for nourishment, warmth, … [Read more...]

LATE HAVE I LOVED YOU: a genetic criticism


Kairos. In all the time I was working on this production, I would think of the word kairos and I would think of everything as following God’s perfect time. The idea of staging the life of Augustine of Hippo came sometime before the end of the second semester, school year 2010-2011. The idea came from the school chaplain or the Campus Minister, … [Read more...]

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