Vision for 2012-2013

A year after the creation of the SSC-R Manila Center for Culture and the Arts, I am led to these reflections and decisions. Majority of the members of the SSC-R Manila community must be led to understand the value of the arts in the institution. They must be led to understand that the development of the arts also depend on the development of the … [Read more...]

Conference-Workshop on “Human Kaleidoscope: Seeing Family in a New Lens”

Psych2 187

        The College SDPC conducted a 2-day Conference-Workshop about family therapy based on the philosophy and thinking of Virginia Satir. This activity aimed to enhance the participants’ understanding on family dynamics and to see family life in a more positive and healthy perspective. The participants of this conference-workshop were … [Read more...]



By Rachel Antoinette Yumol  “JESUS LOVES YOU, SO DO I” These were the very words said by one of the speakers who was a former ambassadress of the Philippines to the Holy See. These words really inspired me. Yes, we all know that each and every one of us is loved especially by our families and friends, but I think we must also learn to love … [Read more...]



By Albert C. Danan The recently held World Youth Day provided the delightful celebration among the youth around the globe as they converged in Madrid, Spain. The spirit was enliven locally with the vigil which was organized by the Ateneo de Manila University, in cooperation with the Campus Ministry of the Archdiocese of Manila, the Roman … [Read more...]

Evaluation of SOFI Outreach Programs and Activities at Brgy. Nepomuceno, July 2011


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Abot-Kamay Outreach Program of the Peer Facilitators Group


One of the activities of the Peer Facilitators Group is the Abot-Kamay OutreachProgram which aims to provide assistance to the less fortunate members of the community by sharing with them their time, talents, services and resources. This is also one way of promoting the Sebastinian charism of being committed to be servant of the poor; ready … [Read more...]

The Peer Facilitators Group Annual Teambuilding Activity


The College Peer Facilitators Group which is under the supervision of the College SDPC conducted its annual teambuilding last October 29-30, 2011 at Dalta Royale in Biñan, Laguna. The aim of this activity is to foster camaraderie, enhance cooperation and teamwork among the Peer members which is essential in implementing their roles and … [Read more...]

Youth Today by Jordi Fabricante


By Jordi Fabricante The voice of God (bell) is now calling again; we all got up and prepare ourselves for meeting God in meditation. After that we had our chat to our seatmate from the other delegations. It was nice to share a sit and win a friend. And now is the time to praise and worship the Lord, because this is the best way to communicate with … [Read more...]