By Rachel Antoinette Yumol  “JESUS LOVES YOU, SO DO I” These were the very words said by one of the speakers who was a former ambassadress of the Philippines to the Holy See. These words really inspired me. Yes, we all know that each and every one of us is loved especially by our families and friends, but I think we must also learn to love … [Read more...]



By Albert C. Danan The recently held World Youth Day provided the delightful celebration among the youth around the globe as they converged in Madrid, Spain. The spirit was enliven locally with the vigil which was organized by the Ateneo de Manila University, in cooperation with the Campus Ministry of the Archdiocese of Manila, the Roman … [Read more...]

Youth Today by Jordi Fabricante


By Jordi Fabricante The voice of God (bell) is now calling again; we all got up and prepare ourselves for meeting God in meditation. After that we had our chat to our seatmate from the other delegations. It was nice to share a sit and win a friend. And now is the time to praise and worship the Lord, because this is the best way to communicate with … [Read more...]

The Startling Ride


by Marie Rose Esplanada As we started our journey, many things flash in my mind. Many questions suddenly wanted an answer. Is it the breeze of the air of the night that is very cold or the feeling of anxiety that makes our body chill? And as I had gazed at the window of our vehicle, what we saw the dark that covers our way which seems also to … [Read more...]

My Experience


by Arian Amor Aquino Going and Staying in Baguio for five days for a Youth Summit is exciting but not that easy because we know that we will miss many things when we leave. In spending the days and nights inside the Casiciaco Seminary, we are tasked to make an article or a reflection on those activities that was organized by the Seminarians. The … [Read more...]

Raise, Dance and Fight


by Jessica Claro It is sunny but cold in that morning in the City of Pines but the sound of the band and parade of different flags broke the silence and dullness of that second day of RAYS. Delegates and seminarians were gathered on the façade of the seminary to witness the raising of colors of the different countries of the Recollect family. … [Read more...]

Who are the Youth TODAY?…


By: Merry Jane O. Bueno  WHO ARE THE YOUTH TODAY? Rev. Fr. Albert Pellazar, OAR first asked this question. This is one of thequestions that made the youth think and say “SINO NGA BA?” The first thing is TO SEE the situation of today, the second is TO JUDGE and the third is TO ACT NOW. To make this happen, we have to start a process of … [Read more...]



By: Mary Cris Beringuela San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila was invited again to join the 8th year celebration of Recollect Augustinian Youth Summit organized by the Priests and Seminarians in Casiciaco Recoletos Seminary, Baguio City. There were 9 delegation coming from San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila and I am proud to be one of … [Read more...]