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Administration Admission

On April 22, the SSC-R Manila Center for Culture and the Arts officially began its preparation for the next season of projects with a meeting with the incoming student leaders of the various art groups. Present during the meeting were Samantha Navarro (Managing Director and Head Choreographer), Miguel Sta. Ana (Assistant Managing Director), and Pauline Espedion (Secretary) of the San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe; Katrina Mae Arca (Managing Director), Julius Vincent Barrientos (Assistant Managing Director), and Zyrene Briones (Secretary) of the Sebastinian Arts Society; and Walter Fernandez (Chief), Aris Godfrey Angel Colet (Internal Deputy Chief), and Ryland Magleo (External Deputy Chief) of the San Sebastian Jammerstags. Mr. Joey G.Vargas, the CCA Founding Artistic Director, presided the meeting with his new Administrative Assistant, Mr. Kyle James Solar.DSC_0016

Now on its 5th Season, the Center hopes to be more visible in the cultural scene by organizing or participating in festivals such as the Hip Hop Dance Theater Festival in June, Musica Sacra Festival in May, and the Arts Festival in February. It hopes to stage more ambitious productions such as a dance drama concert dealing with environmental issues and cultural differences, and mount more edgy visual arts exhibits. Mr.Vargas collectively refers to these projects as A.R.R.O.W.S. or Arts Research and Repertory Organizations’ Works Season. The inspiration came from the popular image of Saint Sebastian tied on a tree and pierced with arrows. This, Mr. Vargas puts, means that the projects – even when they would pose pain and sacrifices for those who are involved especially the members of the various repertory groups handled by the office – entail a certain degree of martyrdom in order to attain glory.