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Administration Admission

by Kyle James Solar

San Sebastian College Recoletos Manila Center for the Culture and the Arts
(SSC-R Manila CCA), continuing its mandate of contributing in the development of arts and culture in the country, and in its work of developng San Sebastian College as a cultural hub, recently collaborated with KrumPinoy on a project that promotes the culture of Krump in the country.

Established  in June of 2007, Krumpinoy is already considered as an institution as they are the pioneers and movers of the Krump Movement in the Philippines. Annually, the group holds various events to further promote and preserve the culture of Krump in the country.

Spearheaded by Krumpinoy “new breed” Monsta Vision (Vinnie Mendez), Jr Wildfire (Quemuel “Khimz” Esguerra), Critical (Axl Flores), Boi Duke (Jake Rase), and Infant Wildfire (Reynaldo “Jayr” Del Rosario), this year’s major event was a dance battle featuring krumpers from all over the metro and the nearby provinces. Entitled as WRECKTA:Clash of Generations, it was held at the SSC-R Gymnasium last May 10 this year. “Wreckta”  is used to mean  “wreck you or to wreck one’s opponent”, a suiting title for a dance battle or a “clash”. “Rekta” is also a slang for diretso na or directly to, as if inviting people to go directly to the place where krumpers express their feelings to one another through dance rather than violence;  where, through krump, participants may try to wreck their opponents for fame, friendship and glory. The event was intended to unify the old and new generations of krumpers, to serve as medium for both generations to meet, and to unify the entire krumping community.DSC_0070

The event was divided into four categories namely: the Battle of Rookies, FAM Battle, Set-up Battle, and the Clash of Generations. The Battle of  Rookies featured a clash among rookies or first time battlers, Tiny Onslaught, Jr Vendetta, Tiny Vngeance, Jayar, Solis, Boi Vngeance, Louie Bho, Louie Manuel, Boi Onslaught, Boi Massacre, Gerald, and  Boi Blackzik. DSC_0456 DSC_0421 DSC_0419 DSC_0333 DSC_0321

FAM battle was a three-versus-three battle participated in by Trauma Fam, Vngnce Fam, SwitchXSmashMouth,  and Onslaught Fam.  Set-up Battle, on the other hand, was a one-on-one battle participated in by Jr Deathstroke, Lil Vngnc, Kid 1k, Boi Patience, Jr Forsaken, Inferno, Jr Antagonize, Gtrix (aka Twin Vngnce), Switch (aka Boi Bdash)Young Burst, and  Boy Vision.

The final and the most anticipated part of the event was the Clash of Generations, a 30-minute dance battle among members of the old generation (pioneers and veterans) versus the new generation of Krumpers. Representing the old generation were Vngnce (Jet David) , Switch (Switch Sonza), Vision (Cort Catajay), Trigga (Francis Latorre), Massacre (Harvey Ongogan), Fobos (Billy Lipit), Prodigy (Jomattz Quiambao), Lil Xyb (Dhztine Bernardino), Patience (Oween Dela Pena), Wildfire (Tetri Ramos), Onslaught (Drew Belgira), and Vendetta (Miguel Dela Vega). On the other hand, the new generation was represented by Queen Switch (Luck Lasam), Spazzout (Zhevy Estolano), Monsta Vngnce (Melvin Calayag), Girl Vngnce (Megs David), Jr Wildfire (Khimz Esguerra), Critical (Axl Flores), Lil Massacre (Lawrence Lipar), Jr Switch (Chao Wen), Lil Vngnce (Jay Delos Reyes), Jr Antagonize (Kaypee Fadlen), Kid 1k (Royet Gomez), Jr Forsaken (Marvin Agustin), Kid Forsaken (Justin Creido), Jr Smashmouth (Arvin Manuel), Kid Vngnce (Jerry Jake Medello), and Jr Deathstroke (Elie Dela Cruz).

DSC_0281 DSC_0278 DSC_0277 DSC_0276 DSC_0226 DSC_0222 DSC_0218 DSC_0200 DSC_0198 DSC_0193 DSC_0183 DSC_0182

Krumpinoy thanked each and everyone who participated in the event. Grattitude was also given to the major sponsors Stay Dope Clothing, Real Line, and to the SSC-R Manila CCA Artistic Director Joey Vargas, to the Krumpinoy Family and to God for making the event possible. Krumpinoy vowed to continue promoting and nurturing their  art  and culture of krump. The San Sebastian College-Recoletos Manila Center for Culture and the Arts, likewise, continually commits to accomodate and help groups or organizations such as Krumpinoy who are willing to share their art and culture to the Sebastinian community and to the country.