Center for Culture and the Arts

The SSC-R Manila Center for Culture and the Arts shall work towards a collective, organized process of setting the direction of culture and the arts development in San Sebastian College – Recoletos Manila. It shall also determine the role of SSC-R Manila in the protection, preservation, and promotion of Philippine arts and culture; and identify its niche in the international cultural scene. Quite naturally, it shall also work to present arts and culture as gifts from God and as very potent instruments for evangelization.

The Center for Culture and the Arts (CCA), as the name suggests, shall focus on the development of culture and the arts in the institution. It shall coordinate the artistic efforts of the various units or individuals within the school. It shall also work to establish linkages with various institutions, groups, or individuals working with similar advocacies in both local and international environments.

Among others, the CCA shall work towards the following:


a. Research Development

Faculty and staff, or students may be encouraged to venture into researches that deal with arts and culture. The school is very much strategically-placed when it comes to history and aesthetics. The school must have seen (and must have involved in) important national events considering that it belongs to the university belt and its location is very near Mendiola. Also important to note is that it is adjacent and properly connected to a national heritage, the San Sebastian Basilica. Placed between these two historically- and culturally-recognized places – Mendiola and San Sebastian Basilica – the San Sebastian College may serve as a fount of stories. One may sure to find many inspirations for research when it comes to culture and the arts.


b. Academic Laboratory Arm

The CCA may also serve as a laboratory arm especially for subjects dealing with various forms of art: architecture, dance, music, literature, theater, media arts, visual arts, and even culinary arts. This means that the CCA may come up with activities or productions, or provide materials that may supplement the lessons in said academic subjects. It may, for instance, serve as a laboratory arm for Mass Communication students learning the rigors of the performing arts; or for Psychology and Political Science understanding human behavior and the movement of the human psyche; for all students enrolled in Humanities subjects; or for students understanding aesthetics; or for students taking up dance under human kinetics subjects.


c. Repertory Building

The CCA may also work towards the creation of a repertory arm, or performing arts groups. It may train and manage a choir or other music groups, dance troupes, and a dramatic guild. These groups may be exposed to various aesthetics theories and various performance techniques. The groups shall also be exposed to other groups’ performances. They may also be able to participate in festivals local and international; thus, being able to experience skills and aesthetic exchanges.


d. Establish Linkages

The CCA may work towards the establishment of relationships with various arts and culture institutions, groups, and individuals such as the International University Theater Association, National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Cultural Center of the Philippines, Sentro ng Wikang Filipino, PETA, LIRA, Ballet Philippines, Ballet Manila, Philippine Bayanihan Dance Company, Philippine Madrigal Singers, among others.