About SSC-R Academics
Administration Admission

As a response to a call from the Head of the General Secretariat and Youth Ministry (GSEAYM), through the President of the Recoletos Educational Apostolate in the Philippines (REAP), for “suggestions on how to develop and implement the annual pedagogical-pastoral themes in the educational apostolate of the Recoletos schools”, Rev. Fr. Cristopher Maspara, OAR, current SSC-R Manila President, created a core group tasked to come out with said suggestions.

The core group — composed of Rev. Fr. Gideon Antolin Lagrimas, OAR (VP for Religious Affairs), Rev. Fr. Alberto Avanzado, OAR (Campus Minister), Mr. Joey Vargas (Artistic Director, Center for Culture and the Arts ), Ms. Andrea Allado, Mrs. Ma. Luisa de Vera, Mr. Hector Lamug, and Ms. Angelita Roberto (Basic Education teachers) — is tasked to come out with some articles and researches about the theme for the year 2015: Charity and Knowledge: we educate the mind and heart. The group is also expected to coordinate with the various units so as to be able to submit posters, motto, images/designs, jingles/songs, photos and stories that capture the spirit of Caritas et Scientia,which is assigned as the pedagogical-pastoral theme for all Recoletos schools in the world in 2015.