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Office of the Registrar


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As an administrative official and member of the school’s policy-making body, the Registrar:

  1. assists in the formulation, evaluation, revision and/or enforcement of policies for the realization of the general and specific objectives of the institution;
  2. enforces government and school regulations regarding admission requirements, students’ enrollment, crediting, transfer, promotions, subject load and sequence, and graduation;
  3. assists in the preparation of the school calendar, bulletins, catalogues, brochures and other announcement;
  4. consolidates and submits schedule of classes for each term / quarter prepares by the principals, dean or heads of academic departments;
  5. assists in the revision of various curricular programs;
  6. disseminates information on new rules and regulations or requirements;
  7. maintains good relations with the general public; serves as the principal contact person with government agencies, unless otherwise specified by the school;
  8. performs other duties that may be requested from the office.

As an office head, the Registrar:

  1. sets standard operating procedures for the day-to-day operational activities;
  2. assigns, supervises, coordinates the work and evaluates the performance of the office personnel;
  3. sets qualifications for the personnel recruitment;
  4. develops the morale of the staff
  5. initiates or coordinates staff development and training programs to enhance their professional growth;
  6. maintains an adequate and well-equipped office and oversees the proper use, maintenance, control, safekeeping and inventory of office property, supplies and equipment;
  7. prepares and submits the annual budget, periodic reports and statistical data required from the office by the school or the government regulatory agencies;
  8. attends to correspondence and ensures prompt compliance with request for records and other informational required from the office.

As registration and records officer, the Registrar:

  1. oversees admission of new students;
  2. oversees the overall enrollment of students;
  3. supervises student accounting;
  4. coordinates preparations for graduation;
  5. determines subject load in accordance with approved curricular;
  6. issues certifications, grades, transfer credentials and diplomas, and assumes full responsibilities for all documents released by the office;
  7. verifies and authenticates documents released by the office;
  8. receives, processes, dispatches and controls flow and security of files and records of transcript of students;
  9. oversees the creation, updating, maintenance and disposition of academic records of students;
  10. approves petitions for correction of personal data in school records as indicated in the birth certificates or in ACR I-cards.
  11. supervises the accounting, the classification, the filing and the safe storage (in-house or off-site) of student records and files.(Reference: Registrar’ Handbook, CEAP, 2009, pp. 2 and 3)
  12. assists and accounts for foreign students thru the Foreign Students Unit (FSU) enrolled and studying in the school and reports the same to the appropriate government agencies. (Manual of Procedure for Foreign Students, SSC-R Foreign Student Unit [FSU], 2014)


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