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Administration Admission

During my inauguration as President, I mentioned five points for reflection. Among these five is the Sense of History. I said: I envision a continued effort to clarify and establish our roots, our history, so that we may look and move forward into the future with more certainty and a complete sense of Sebastinian identity. Without being firmly rooted in our past, our future shall be weak: as branches and fruits to the roots of a tree. In this light, I encourage more studies or researches in the line of edifying our roots, and incorporating these in the education we give to our students.

This year, therefore, we begin to more definitively clarify our past and edify our unity with the vision of the institution.

In particular, we begin the preparations for the 73rd Foundation Anniversary, the celebration of which shall be held in January this academic year. This must be taken with full excitement and expectation for what lies ahead of us especially when we celebrate our 75th Foundation Anniversary three years from now.

We also journey with the rest of the Philippines in terms of educational innovations and technological advancements; thus, our continued preparations for K to 12 and development of relevant programs and amenities.

But, more importantly, we begin to more concretely realize how it is to become part of an academic institution that is bound by a Recollect tradition and spirituality.

Indeed, greatness awaits one who recollects.