About SSC-R Academics
Administration Admission

by Lewis Ledesma

When I discovered that we will be having a team building activity, I got excited. Knowing that I’ll be with my friends, I assumed it would be fun.

At first, I didn’t feel the place. It looked boring but then as we spend time within its walls, I felt more comfortable and I appreciated the place more. We had ‘getting-to-know’ activities that made me realize who I am for other people. Receiving the positive comments from them got me reflecting about my own identity. It made me happy deep inside knowing that there are people who trust and support me. Another activity we had was trust-and-care-centered, I would say. Finding our slippers with blindfolds is not an easy task and we had different strategies to accomplish it. After our first try, we learned and realized the value of caring for others. We had our second attempt to do the task again and it had better result. We applied the values we learned and we finished it with less time.


I had deep thoughts. How much have I cared for others? How much have others cared for me? Caring for others means giving without asking anything in return. That’s what I have reflected upon. Also, trust is an important value. It is the best to give and the best to receive. When someone trusts you, it means they feel important to you. Although it is not easy to gain everybody’s trust, we would still gain it by not giving up because we know by ourselves whether we truly care. It’s a great feeling.lewis

The other activity tested our thinking skills and distinguished our responsibilities considering our roles. Each of us acted as parts of the kalesa. Each part has its own functions and all of them are important to make the kalesa run. It is totally relatable to us, officers. Each of us has our own functions and roles that we need to fulfill to have great results in everything that we do. One unit is essential for the whole. Unique capabilities and distinct traits, when put together, could be a great effort to achieve something remarkable. Each of us can contribute such things that can make a difference.

The activity that connected to me the most was the Circle of Promises. We were standing in a circle, feeling the heat from the burning wood in front of us. I can feel the sincerity in everyone’s faces. I can see hopes, goals and dreams. I stood there and looked at each of them. I tought to myself, this is really it. We are all here as a team. This is a newborn family, waiting to grow and nurture each one of us. As long as we keep holding on to each other, we may go through everything and we can do anything. Motivations, inspirations, goals, understanding, commitment, sacrifices – these are just some of the elements that we have yet to learn. We may know something already but I know that those things are yet to level up until we reach somewhere God wants us to be.

God brought us together for a reason and I believe this reason could be unknown for now but it will be revealed someday. Challenges may come our way but nothing will stop us as long as we work together as a family. I yearn to express my gratitude to our facilitators and God for making us experience this wonderful bonding. I hope we may apply it when we do our tasks. May we set our hearts in serving this organization.