About SSC-R Academics
Administration Admission

Academic Year 2014-2015
Michael Alfonso Rosales
Internal Deputy Chief
Brandon L. Ramos
External Deputy Chief
William O. Sagun
Aris Godfrey Angel S. Colet
Music Committee Head
Justin Joseph B. Balatbat
Socio-Academic Committee Head
Henry R. Samson
Finance Committee Head
James Renzi A. Lozada
Property Management Committee Head
Walter Julivon Q. Fernandez
Joey G. Vargas
Athletics Director
Atty. Reynold Munsayac

The San Sebastian Jammerstags seal shall consist of a central image of a snare drum perfectly placed on top center of a bass drum seen from the point of view  directly above the center of the drums so that they appear as concentric circles. The space between the concentric circles appears as a belt. Written on this belt is the official name of the organization, San Sebastian Jammerstags. At the center of the snare drum forming the smaller circle is the number 1975 cut at the middle by an image of a stag with eleven (11) antlers. Below this central image are two intersecting bass drum beaters, placed at the center of two flags – one flag is colored yellow and bears the word semper; the other is colored red and bears the word fidelis. Below these are two snare drum beaters also intersecting each other.

The bass drum and snare drum symbolize the major role the organization plays in developing the school pride among members of the academic community.  The concentric circles stand for a sense of equality and the members’ endless pursuit of excellence. The belt symbolizes the solidarity among members, gathering, enclosing, holding, connecting, and securing everything the organization holds and upholds. 1975 stands for the year the organization was founded. The stag signifies the organization’s oneness with the institution it serves, believing in the institution’s mission and ideals, abiding by the institution’s core values, and upholding spiritual virtues. The eleven antlers suggest the significance of the number 11 to the organization, considering it celebrates its foundation on the 11th day of February and the word Jammerstags composed of eleven characters. The white background symbolizes the purity of the organization’s intentions in serving the institution, while black means solidarity, power and authority, self-control, discipline, and strong will. The yellow and red flags signify the color of our beloved alma mater. The color yellow or gold stands for endurance and perennial quest for high standards – inner strength in the quest for excellence – and also the loyal dignity of a true Christian. The color red symbolizes sacrifice, martyrdom, and bravery. The Latin phrase semper fidelis means “always faithful,” which serves as the organization’s guiding principle. The bass drum and snare drum beaters represent the organization’s thrust of developing the members’ talents and holistic personality.


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