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RECOLLECTS shall be the principle by which all efforts of the San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe must be founded.

Recollect is from the Latin word, recolligere, which means to gather again; i.e., from a combination of the prefix re- and colligere, which means “to collect.”

Recollect, therefore, may mean different things in different contexts but with similar acts:

  1. to recall to mind or to remember something; have a recollection;
  2. to collect, gather, or assemble again (something scattered); or
  3. to recover or compose (oneself).

In the context of the arts, what must be recovered or remembered are memories of human life, particular or general. Art, therefore, must always capture that which the human mind may remember.

It may remember a dream of a future that may seem impossible to occur, or a past that may not necessarily have happened, such as magic or those that cannot be accomplished by science.

It collects thoughts or desires for a better life or a better existence, and it recollects them.

It gathers questions – which may even lead to more questions – and tries to look for answers to these questions.

It recovers pieces of lost things, confused thoughts, broken memories; and tries to make sense out of all of them by composing a whole out of the various parts.

To keep on remembering, one must strive to go on living; to go on living, one necessarily goes on making memories; with new memories come endless possibilities of creation from remembering, from gathering, from recollecting.

To recollect must also mean being founded on the rudiments of art, not letting go of basic truths amidst new discoveries or explorations.

To recollect, ultimately, must be founded on the very origin of all creative thought, or the origin of all thoughts, the origin of all: the Creator.

Thus, all works of art that SSRDT must produce shall be founded on the truths presented by the gospels; or it must be an exploration towards understanding the human person in the light of the Word of God. The troupe, therefore, shall only move forward taking in new theories and knowledge only to let these new discoveries become vehicles for ancient truths; or to let them become vehicles that shall take the human being back to his nature and origin: God. All these with the faith that only in God can man find his fulfillment.

All these will not be possible, though, if the troupe will only rely on human strength. It must always be remembered, therefore, that the work is God’s and not the troupe’s. God must always be ahead of the troupe, behind the troupe, and beside the troupe; taking lead, serving guide, standing guard.

Making a little turn here, it must also be imagined that recollects is written thus: RE+collects. It must be remembered that RE also means –other than againabout. And the plus sign (+) must lead the troupe to remember Jesus the Christ who gave Himself up on the cross so He may gather everyone to Himself.

RE+collects, therefore, must manifest that members of the San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe believe that all efforts of the troupe must always be (RE) about (+) Jesus Christ collecting everyone to Himself in glory. He collects all our hurts, our pains, our sins; so He may transform all this darkness and turn them to light. He collects all our memories and desires; and turns them into hopes and joys.

The San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe must then, from here on, be also known as The Recollects, or those who believe that glory may only be found in Him who has overcome death and sin.

The Recollects shall, in all their efforts, must gather all and give back to Him Who is the Source of all.

To Him be glory forever and ever.


Season 3


Nikka Mae Orozco
Managing Director
Jan Mejit Kadioglu
Assistant Managing Director
Geannie Alessandra Zoleta
Von Hendrix Gutierrez
Property Manager
Rymarc D. Berzalona
Arts Committee Head
Jerry Jake Medello
Membership Committee Head
Johan Mae Belamide
Academic Committee Head
Pauline Ida Espedion
Finance Committee Head
Irish Rose Ongoco
Socio-Cultural Committee Head
Juan Miguel Grande
Outreach Committee Head
Joey G. Vargas
Artistic Director



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