Technical Support Team


Since 1999, San Sebastian College-Recoletos began establishing network infrastructure on vital departments and offices to cope-up with technological breakthrough brought forth by the evolution of the Internet.  College computer laboratories and including several administrative offices, has been upgraded to use a full 100mpbs network infrastructure and adhering future requirements for a 1gbps network to ensure compatibility for video, data and voice communications.

Internet bandwidth started off with a 64KBPS leased line from MOZCOM Internet provider, which is being served to these departments by using non-propriety open-source software on desktop computers which are being used as servers for Proxy Server, DNS Server, Web Server and Mail Server.  Thus, initial investments were only focused on network infrastructure and the needed desktops, cutting the cost by 50% on acquiring commercial licenses for the servers.

By 2002, SSC-R acquired high-end servers to answer the growing network and Internet requirements.  Relocation of the Internet servers from the convent to the Administration building provided an ideal location for end-users technical support. An addition to the new servers acquisition, a fiber optic cable was being installed to accommodate high bandwidth requirement for the high school laboratory.  Following that year, the elementary department started to construct two computer laboratories, consisting 50 computers each and Internet ready facility.

Today, SSC-R has now more than 1000 computer units being inter-connected not to mention some 600 mobile computers using the WIFI facility to bring the entire community to the Internet with a bandwidth of 4mpbs from Eastern Telecommunications.  With this facility, it is intend to make use of this unique infrastructure to move learning on to a new level, empowering all learners to learn when, where and however they wish to learn.

With the growing complexity of the IT infrastructure, by 2010 with the guidance of the VP for Academic Rev. Fr. Leander Barrot, OAR, re-organized and formulated the creation of the ICT Department.  The department shall oversee and tunnel technical support in the entire SSCR Community.


The ICT Department Technical Team is committed to be the following:

• A quality technology service support to San Sebastian College
• A center for the management, operation and development of the technology for San Sebastian
• A promoter of responsible digital citizenship among the members of the San Sebastian community.


The Information and Communication Technology Department is committed to do the following:

• To provide the optimum technological services and support to all offices of the San Sebastian College
• To continuously update the institution with technological services and developments that will best provide excellent programs and applications to the academic and non academic departments.
• To keep technology services of the institution morally free and intellectually enlivening and spiritually enriching.

Operational and Developmental Functions

1. To provide technical solutions to recurring problems arising from Student Information system, Registrar’s systems, Accounting System, Payroll system, EDP system)
2. To make SSC-R a WIFI campus so as to provide the faculty and students easy access to information and to facilitate enrollment procedures.
3. To develop web application for on-line enrollment reservation, payments of student fees, viewing of student information by parents or guardians, submission of grades by the faculty etc.
4. To ensure high-speed, reliable networking infrastructure to meet the academic and research requirements of the institution,
5. To maintain and secure all ICT assets and equipment (computer laboratories, office computers and printers, servers, switches routers etc.)
6. To draft an annual consolidated budget for the ICT needs of the whole institution
7. To develop the SSC-R e-learning systems; to promote the same for faculty and maintain its upkeep.
8. To systematize technical support to all offices and laboratories of SSC-R
9. To review and evaluate all ICT business related transaction of other second party with SSC-R.

Services provided by the department include:

  • File servers, software deployment
  • Internet services – mail and internet access
  • Bandwidth accounting & control for student labs
  • Workshop services – hardware repair, upgrades and software installations
  • Network design & management

The Team

Rev. Fr. William C. Villaflor, OAR  ICT Director
Mr. Jose Nathaniel G. Nengasca Internet/Network/Web Technical Head
Mr. Ronald Gurrea College Computer Lab Custodian
Mr. Frederick Andrew Zamora High School Computer Lab Custodian
Mr. Mark dela Torre Elementary Compute Lab Custodian

Contact Information – Tel. No. 734-8931 with locals
Internet/Network/Web – Local 300
College Computer Lab – Local 154
High School Computer – Lab Local 318
Elementary Computer – Lab Local 177