SSC-R Canlubang Sponsors A Heir Region IV-A Laguna General Assembly & CHED Miles

The cluster assembly of the Association of Higher   Education Institutions in Region IV-A (AHEIR4A) headed by its President,   Amado L. Magsino, Ph.D., was held on 18 September 2009 at the San   Sebastian College Recoletos-Canlubang (SSCRC), Laguna.  The assembly   featured the Roadshow Presentation of CHED Milestones and Action Plan   under the new Regional Director, Leonida S. Calagui, Ph.D.
The Sebastinian Recollect Grooverz led the   Doxology.  Rev. Fr. Anthony A.  Morillo, OAR, SSCRC President delivered   the welcome remarks whereas, Dr. Magsino introduced the seventy (70)   participants from the thirty one (31) HEIs in his opening remarks. The   Regional AHEIR IV-A President Mr. Juan Lozano of De La Salle Lipa gave   the overview of the Association.

In the absence of the AHEIR IV-A Laguna Cluster’s P.R.O. and President   of the NYK-TGD Maritime Academy Engr. Wilson Travina, the CHED Chief of   Education Program Specialist, Dr. Digna Lanuza introduced the assembly’s   guest speaker, Dr. Leonida S. Calagui.  Before her presentation, an   intermission number was rendered by SSCRC’s 4th year BSHRM student, Ms.   Blessing Joy Antido with the song “Para Sa Akin”.    Dr. Vilma Atienza   of the University of Perpetual Help System-Biñan delivered the closing   remarks and said that “we should build bridges and tear down the walls   between us”. The President of Saint Michael’s College of Laguna, Lourdes   Almeda-Sese, Ed.D, AHEIR IV-A Laguna Cluster’s secretary was   represented by her Executive Assistant, Ms. Salome L. Morandarte who was   the master of ceremony.
Dr. Calagui’s Presentation

Dr. Calagui started her presentation by acknowledging the participation   of the thirty one (31) HEIs out of sixty two (62) in the province of   Laguna. She stressed that “whenever we meet, you be there since we are   all partners”.  She said that the HEIs’ performance is CHED’s   performance. With that , we have to establish strong synergy.

Every HEI is encouraged to be a member of AHEIR to benefit from CHED.    The budget of the national games that will be implemented next year will   be coursed through the association.  CHED is partnering with AHEIR so   that all activities pertaining to the region will likewise be coursed   through the association.

Dr. Calagui’s presentation highlighted the CHEDRO IV-A Development   Directions with AHEIR IV-A Laguna Chapter as its partner.  Stated in her   outline of presentation are the following:

Region IV-A Profile
Vision, Mission,
Strategic Goals, Objectives, Initiatives and Core Values CHEDRO IV-A   Profile CHEDRO IV-A Organizational Structure Status and Profile of HEIs   in Region IV-A Enrolment & Graduates by Discipline & Sector   Number of Programs per Discipline by Province Faculty Profile by Area   Accreditation by Program CHED Scholarship Programs & Number of   Grantees by Scholarship Program Average Increase in Tuition & Other   School Fees & No. of HEIs that Applied for Tuition Fee Increase AY   2009-2010 HEIs with Autonomous/Deregulated Status  Management   Initiatives Issues and Concerns Challenges Addressing the Challenges