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The Research Center, located at the 4th floor of St. Monica Building, is the heart and mind of the research endeavors of the Institution. It is also the depository of all research publications of the institution and is the official address for all research journal exchanges in favor of the institution with other learning establishments, foundations, associations, and professional groups whether local, national, or international. It is the office that publishes all institutional researches and is the hub for all the research branches within the institution.1

In every institutional undertaking is an office that will support all of its endeavors; thus, putting research into consideration as part of certain decision-making and planning processes. In 1994, the institution introduced research in the school community; thus establishing the Research, Planning, and Development Center (RPDC) making Dr. Guadalupe Carbonell2 as the first Director of RPDC3 and before the appointment of Dr. Danilo G. Deterala4 in 1995. The appointment of Dr. Carbonell was also the birth of the research journals of the institution. Dr. Deterala served RPDC until 1996. From 1996 to 1999, the RPDC did not have a Director and was directly supervised by the Vice President for Academic Affairs.5

The research and publication functions of RPDC continued and were then led by Dr. Ernest E. Punzalan from 1999 to 2001. Dr. Punzalan was able to produce more publications for the institution and at the same time continued the publication of The Rower.6 In 2001, Atty. Alfredo S. Vitangcol III7 was appointed Director of RPDC. Under his leadership came the beginning of the SSC-R Manila Research Journal. The journal was then continued upon the appointment of Dr. Cecilio D. Duka as the subsequent Director from 2003 to 2004.

Milestones were then again achieved by RPDC in 2004. The center was renamed as the Center for Research, Planning, and Development (CRPD) under the supervision of Dr. Vaughn Elwyn S. Buaquiña.8 As the new Director of CRPD, he managed to produce noteworthy publications such as The Academician9, The Student Research Gazette10, The Questers11, and the like. Dr. Buaquiña served as Director until 2008 and was again appointed by the institution from 2010 to 2012. In 2011, the Otium12 was published by the Research Center after its conceptualization led by Rev. Fr. Leander V. Barrot.

In 2008, CRPD was renamed as the SSC-R Research Center and was set under the care of Dr. Winston S. Sirug.13 During his term came the birth of the maiden copy of the CABACS Research Journal.14 He served as Director for two years. The SSC-R Research Center sustained its services to the institution and its neighboring schools and universities; producing institutional publications to share knowledge and promote research awareness to the community. In school year 2012-2013, the SSC-R Research Center was then once more given direct supervision by the Office of the Vice-President for Academic Affairs.15

With all the changes and challenges that are happening to SSC-R Manila because of the K-12 Curriculum and in preparation for the ASEAN 2015, the institution appointed Dr. Jerica Liza C. Baculod16 as the newest Director of the Research Center. Currently, the center is gearing its plans towards the bigger and bolder San Sebastian College- Recoletos, Manila Research Center as it celebrates its 20th year of service this coming 2014.

1 SSC-R Manila Research Center, excerpt from The Research Center, in Research Policies and Procedures Handbook (Manila 2012) 1.
2 Dr. Guadalupe Carbonell was also the Academic Dean of SSC-R Manila during her term as Research Director.
3 Research, Planning, and Development Center (RPDC) is the first name of the Research Center.
4 Dr. Danilo G. Deterala was a former faculty member of the Institute of Arts and Sciences of SSC-R Manila.
5 The Vice President for Academic Affairs during that time was Rev. Fr. Demetrio S. Peñascoza, O.A.R.
6 The Rower is the official faculty research journal publication of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila. It was published semi-annually by the RPDC.
7 Atty. Vitangcol III is the General Manager of the Metro Rail Transit (MRT) for 2013 of the Department of Transportation and Communications.
8 Dr. Buaquiña is the Dean of the Institute of Graduate Studies.
9 The Academician, formerly SSC-R de Manila Faculty Research Manual, is published twice a year by the Research Center.
10 The Student Research Gazette, now the Research Gazette, is published once a year by the Research Center. The research articles are written by the college students of SSC-R, Manila.
11 The Questers is an interdisciplinary research publication of the Academic Non-Teaching Faculty of SSC-R Manila and is published once a year by the Research Center.
12 The Otium is a comprehensive collection of research abstracts from all research publications within SSC-R Manila.
13 Dr. Winston S. Sirug is the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences (2010-present).
14 The CABACS Research Journal is an interdisciplinary research publication of the College of Accountancy, Business Administration, and Computer Studies Faculty.
15 The Vice President for Academic Affairs for SY 2012-2013 is Rev. Fr. Leander V. Barrot, O.A.R.
16 Dr. Jerica Liza C. Baculod is the second female Director of the SSC-R Research Center and is currently the youngest Lay Administrator of SSC-R Manila to supervise an office at the age of 27. She was formerly the Area Chair of Languages and Humanities for SY 2012-2013 under the College of Arts and Sciences.