School Calendar

June 2018

4Orientation of New Teachers (JHS)
4-6Leadership Training Workshop of the Newly Elected CBS Officers (SHS)
7Arrival of the Pilgrim Relic of St. Augustine
9Enrollment of Freshmen, Transferees & LEP (COL)
12Independence Day
14IMC/Library Orientation for Faculty (JHS)
15Joint Orientation of New JHS Sebastinians & their Parents
15-29JHS Welcome Fair 2018
16Orientation Program for Parents of New Pupils (GS)
18Start of Classes (GS & JHS & SHS) Orientation on the Student Manual (JHS)
20-21Faculty In-Service Training Part I (College)
22Orientation of New Students (JHS)
24Feast of St. John the Baptist/ Araw ng Maynila
25Orientation of New Pupils (GS)
25-28Library Orientation (JHS)
30Parents and Freshmen Orientation (College)

July 2018

1Start of Classes (College)
1-20Enrollment of Freshmen, Transferees & LEP (COL)
1-31Nutrition Month
3Start of Classes (IGS)
4PEP Rally
Orientation of New EmployeesOrientation of the NSTP StudentsOrientation for K1, Gr.1 and Gr.2
5Thanksgiving Mass
6First Friday Mass/Mass of the Holy Spirit
7Opening of NCAA Season 94
10-13Summative Examination (SHS)
16Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
16-181st Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
19Annual Institutional Planning & Evaluation

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament with Anointing

21Sacrament of Confirmation
23-251st Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
23-27Science Week (JHS)
24-27Adding/Changing Subjects (COL)
25-29Preliminary Examination (College)
27Orientation of New Students (COL)
30Start of Classes (COL)
30-311st Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)

August 2018

1-31Buwan ng Wika Celebration
2Monthly Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
2-3Annual Institutional Planning & Evaluation
Part II
3First Friday Mass
Induction of Family Council Board & Homeroom Officers (GS)
5Induction of Student Council Officers (IGS)
6-10Student Organization Recruitment Week (College)
8Orientation Program for Freshman and New Students (SOFI)
15Institutional Seminar on OAR History
Mass Induction of Student Organization Officers 2018 (College)
14-171st Quarter Examination (SHS)
15-18Preliminary Examination (College)
19Feast of St. Ezekiel Moreno, OAR
21Ninoy Aquino Day/ Eidul Adha
22-241st Quarter Summative Assessment (JHS)
23-25&28Research tour / 1st Quarter Examinations (GS)
24-25College Students Leadership Training & Teambuilding (SAO)
27Feast of St. Monica/ National Heroes Day
28Feast of St. Augustine/National Heroes Day
31Buwan ng Wika Culminating Activity (GS)

September 2018

1Seminar with Parents of First Communicants (GS)
4Feast of Our Lady of Consolation
7First Friday Mass
8Birthday of Mary, Mother of Jesus
10Feast of St. Nicholas De Tolentino
11-142nd Summative Examination (SHS)
17-22Midterm Examination (IGS)
22Opening of Intramurals (GS)
242nd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
24-29Institutional SDPC Week 2018

Midterm Examination (College)

27-28TRADEX 2018 (College)

October 2018

1-31Rosary Month / Start of the Inter-Office Visitation

of Our Lady of the Rosary (CMO)

4Monthly Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament
5World Teacher’s Day / Day Camp 2018 (College)
First Friday Mass/Opening of Intramurals (JHS)
7Feast of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
8-102nd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
10First Friday Mass/Mass of the Holy Spirit
15-19Mastery Test (JHS)
16College Recognition Program (SAO)
10-13Feast of St. Thomas of Villanova
16Feast of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel
16-182nd Quarter Examinations (SHS)
17-19 & 222nd Quarter Examinations (GS)
17Fire Drill
20Feast of St. Magdalene of Nagasaki / End of 1st Semester (SHS)
22-27Final Examination (College)
23Semestral Break (GS)
23-262nd Quarter Summative Assessment (JHS)
24-27Thesis and Dissertation Proposal & Final Oral Defense (IGS)
25-27BSBA & BSIT-Singapore & Malaysia Tour (College)
25-29CHED-IDIG Benchmarking at Singapore (QAO)
27-30Final Examination (College)
29Enrollment for Grade 11 (SHS)
29-31Final Examination (IGS)
30Enrollment for Grade 12 (SHS)

November 2018

1All Saints Day
2All Souls Day
3Final Examinations (IGS)
4,11,18&25Bar Operations/Bar Examinations (COL)
5Resume of Classes (GS, JHS & SHS)
8-10&12-13Enrollment for 2nd Semester (College)
8-9Comprehensive Exam for PhD and MBA (IGS)
9Intramurals (GS)
10Field Trip (GS)
11Feast of all the Saints of OAR
12-143rd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
12-143rd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
12-143rd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
12-16Career Guidance Week (JHS)
14Start of Classes (College & IGS)
14-15Dropping, Adding & Changing (College)
17Field Trip (GS)
19-213rd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
22-23Annual Physical Examination
24End of 1st Semester (COL) / Field Trip (GS)
26-283RD Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
26-29Summative Test (SHS)
26-30Final Examination (COL)
28Foundation Day of St. Ezekiel Moreno Province
30Bonifacio Day

December 2018

1Final Examination (COL)
21st Sunday of Advent
3Blessing of the Advent Wreath
3-53rd Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
3-6Mastery Test (JHS)
5OAR Foundation Day
7First Friday Mass
8Feast of the Immaculate Conception
92nd Sunday of Advent
14Paskong Sebastino (SAO)
14-17-193rd Quarter Examination (GS)
10-133rd Quarter Summative Examination (SHS)
17-212nd Semester Enrollment AY 2018-2019 (COL)
18-21Preliminary Examination (College)
163rd Sunday of Advent
19Start of Christmas Break for Students
21Institutional Christmas Party
22Start of Christmas Break for Employees
234th Sunday of Advent
25Christmas Day
30Rizal Day

January 2019

1New Year’s Day
3Resume of Classes (COL)
4First Friday Mass

Resume of Office Works

6Family Day (GS)
7Resume of Classes (All Levels)
9Feast of the Black Nazarene
11-13Start of Novena in Honor of St. Sebastian
14-18Entrepreneurial Fair (JHS)
14-19Entrepreneur’s Week (SHS)
16Intramurals (College)
16-20Foundation Week Celebration
19Anointing of the Sick in Honor of St. Ezekiel Moreno

Grand Alumni Day

20Feast of St. Sebastian
21-25Career Awareness and Exploration Week (SDPC)
22-25First Quarter Examination (SHS)
28-304th Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
28-31Intramurals 2019 (SHS)

February 2019

1First Friday Mass

Entrepreneurial Week (SHS)

Family Encounter (GS)

4-64th Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
5Chinese New Year
6Training for Lay Admin/Supervisors (HRDC)
6-82nd Summative Test (SHS)
7-8PAASCU Formal Visit to MBA & Preliminary Visit to PhD (IGS)
11-134th Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
11-15Midterm Examination (College)
13Training for College & SHS Faculty Members (HRDC)
14-15PAASCU Re-Survey Visit (GS)
18-204th Quarter Remedial Classes (JHS)
21-22PAASCU Re-Survey Visit (JHS)
26-28Mastery Test (JHS)
23Training for Non-Teaching Personnel (HRDC)
25People Power Anniversary

Senior Ball (SHS)

26-282nd Quarter Examination (SHS, Grade 12)

March 2019

1First Friday Mass
4-7Grade 7-9 Mastery Test (JHS)Final Examination (JHS, Grade 10 & Cream Sections)
5-8Final Examination (GS)
6Ash Wednesday
101st Sunday of Lent
11-14Final Examination (JHS, Grade 7-9)
11-16Midterm Examinations (COL)
12Deliberation of Graduating Students (SHS)
13Deliberation of Graduating Students (College)
13-152nd Quarter Examination (SHS, Grade 11)
172nd Sunday of Lent
21PAASCU Re-Survey Visit (JHS)
22Recognition Day (GS)
College Job Fair
243rd Sunday of Lent
25-29Final Examination (College)
26Graduation Day (Kinder)
28Baccalaureate Mass (College)
29Graduation Day (College/ETEEAP/Graduate School)
314th Sunday of Lent

April 2019

3Thanksgiving Mass; Recognition Day (JHS)
4Recognition Day for Honor Students (GS)
Thanksgiving Mass (GS, Grade 6)
5Thanksgiving Mass; Moving Up Ceremony (JHS, Grade 10)

Graduation Day (GS, Grade 6) / End of Classes (GS & JHS)

75th Sunday of Lent
8Araw ng Kagitingan
9Final Examination (JHS, Grade 7-9)
10-13Summer Class Enrollment (College)
11Baccalaureate Mass (SHS)
12Graduation Day (SHS, Commencement Rites)
14Palm Sunday
15-16Summer Class Enrollment (SHS)
15-17Lay Administrators and College Faculty Retreat
18Maundy Thursday
19Good Friday
21Easter Sunday
22Start of Summer Classes (College)
24Start of Enrollment (Continuing K2 and Gr.1-2)
25Start of Enrollment (New Pupils K1-Gr.6 and Gr.1-Gr.2-Continuing Gr.3, Gr.4)

May 2019

1Labor Day
2Recruitment for AY 2019-2020
2-4Non-Teaching Personnel Retreat
6-11Final Examination / End of 2nd Semester (COL)
8-10Faculty Retreat (GS)
13-17Summer Class Enrollment (COL)
16-18Faculty Retreat (JHS)
17Deliberations (COL)
17-18Planning & Evaluation (SOFI)
20Start of Summer Classes (COL)
20-31INSET (JHS)
21-25Faculty in- Service Seminar/Training (JHS)
25Graduation Day (Master of Laws & College of Law)
29-31Faculty Retreat (GS)
31End of Summer Classes (College)