Telephone Directory

Accreditation Office151
Accounting Office 106 / 107
Admission Office211
Alumni Office164
Athletics Office210
Basic Ed Coordinator185
College Department – Area Chair215
College Department – Dean159
College Department – Faculty222
College Department – Secretary160
Campus Ministry Office (CMO) – Chaplain303
Campus Ministry Office (CMO) – Staff302
Captain’s Galley171
Center for Culture and Arts (CCA)320
Center Gate121
College Computer Laboratory154
College Guidance – Head (SDPC)114
College Guidance – Staff (SDPC)115
College IMC162
College Library – Head202
College Library – Staff108
Dental Clinic127
Driver’s Quarter180
EAO Head178
EAO Staff157
EAO – Marketing Coordinator169
EAO – Marketing Staff216
EDP Department212
Elementary Computer Lab177
Elementary Coordinator209
Elementary Faculty/SAA218
Elementary Guidance Office217
Elementary IMC220
Elementary Library221
Elementary Principal’s Office208
Elementary Principal – Staff207
ETEEAP – Head183
ETEEAP – Staff184
Finance Secretary107
F & B Cold Kitchen (Bar Area)181
Housekeeping Area182
HRDC Director/VP Admin103
HRDC Head187
HRDC Staff325
HRM Custodian/Coffee Shop165
Institute of Graduate Studies – Dean158
Institute of Graduate Studies – Library161
Internet Section (ICT)300
Junior High School Academic Coordinator304
Junior HS Student Activity Coordinator317
Junior High School Computer Laboratory318
Junior High School Faculty319
Junior High School Guidance Office308
Junior High School IMC315
Junior High School Library307
Junior High School Principal’s Office – Head305
Junior High School Principal’s Office – Staff306
Junior High School Science Lab316
Library Mezzanine / Assistant Editor124
MassCom Lab321
Medical Clinic-Staff110
Medical Clinic-Head150
Nat Sci Lab153
NSTP Office/Student Discipline Office166
Outreach Office (SCDEO)322
President’s Office – Executive Secretary101
President’s Office – President100
President’s Office – Staff102
Property Admin311
Property Office104
Property Photocopy Section179
Property Staff323
Psychology Laboratory324
Recto Gate309
ReEd – Dean155
ReEd – Staff / Faculty156
Registrar’s Office Direct Line 734 –4957
Registrar’s Office-Head112
Registrar’s Office-Staff111
Research Center163
Security Office301
Seminar Room189
Senior High School-Head167
Senior High School-Staff168
SOLA (Sebastinian Office of Legal Aid)313
Speech Lab/Little Theatre205
Stock Room (Underground)180
Student Affair’s Office206
Supreme Student Government219
The Sebastinian’s Office152
Travel Laboratory175/176
VP Academics-Head203
VP Academics-Staff204
VP Student Welfare-Head174
VP Student Welfare-Staff186
Bar Review / Recoletos Law Center173
College of Law – Bar Operations201
College of Law – Dean’s Office312
College of Law Direct Line734 – 5377
College of Law – Faculty314
Law Guidance Office113
Law Library109
Master of Laws213/214
Convent Boy’s Quarter116
Convent Information118
Parish Office Staff120
Parish Priest Office119
Parish Social Service123
SSC-R Church Direct Line734 – 8908
St. Ezekiel Chapel117