Junior High School

San Sebastian College, High School Department, being A PAASCU accredited school provides quality education to the contemporary youth, regardless of nationalities, creed and cultural orientations.

For the years that it has served the Filipino community, it has become a home to a good number of successful individuals who took different paths of undertaking. The HS Building that houses the College auditorium and other significant venues has served as steadfast edifice that saw the molding of students for tertiary education and into that main course of life called adulthood.

Brief Historical Background

When SSC – R formally reopened in 1946, it operated to realize its goals as an exclusive high school for boys, with MR. EMILIANO R. LAUS as principal and REV. GREGORIA ESPIGA, OAR as Rector. The Elementary and College Departments were established in 1952.

A seed is planted. It bloomed as a tree to serve its purpose – and from its barks grew the branches. The High School Department pioneered SSC – R Manila’s quest to uphold its vision of a Catholic Christian Academic institution in the promotion of its ministerial apostolic zeal.

From its modest beginning with only 80 male students, SSC – R High School grew to witness the generation of successful and accomplished men of high integrity. Notable leaders in fields of endeavors like business, politics and science look back with endearment to the four – cornered walls of the campus they once called home. Though situated in the heart of the hustling and bustling Manila as it is located along Claro M. Recto Avenue and with its proximity to Malacañang Palace in Mendiola, the campus has served as a haven that did not only provide for the intellectual and social needs but mostly the spiritual guidance of the youth.

In 1986, the school has veered from the image of an “exclusive school for boys” to better serve and promote the ideas of Christian education which is free from gender discrimination. The co – educational system was adopted by High School and it welcomed the growing number of female enrollees since. This change, however, even modified the schools mission to advance a well – balanced social being as a Sebastinian.

Another milestone in the high school history is its pursuit for accreditation with PAASCU, which was successfully realized in 1995. The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) is an organization which set standards of quality education further improved with instruction as well as the physical and social aspects of the high school. From its initial attempt to be accredited, SSC – R has become a strong partner of the PAASCU in shaping pride products ready for the rudiments of college life.

In March 2009, the 4th PAASCU visit transpired and luckily the High School made it to another 5 – year accreditation grant. On December of the same year, the HS was granted a level 3 accreditation from the Federation of Accrediting Associations of the Philippines (FAAP), through PAASCU. San Sebastian High School has indeed come a long way. With the able administrators supported by hardworking faculty members, it continuously produces young boys and girls who prove to be worthwhile members of the society in diverse fields of interest and inclinations. It has lived through the challenges of political and economic crises that may have caused the waning of its academic counterparts. It has welcomed technological breakthroughs like the globalization as demanded by the times, yet the core goal of Quality Catholic Christian education has remained its basic foundation, for it has well led the Institution to great heights and so it shall be for greater ones.

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