Campus Ministry Office


Head, Campus Ministry Office
School Chaplain


THE CAMPUS MINISTRY DIRECTOR/ SCHOOL CHAPLAIN1.    provides spiritual formation services such as devotions, spiritual retreats, bible study sessions, prayer meetings, liturgical orientations and seminars and the like;

2.    schedules the administration of the Sacraments for the institution, such as regular Masses, Confessions, Confirmations, etc. and coordinates with the Parish for other sacraments;

3.    undertakes Pastoral visits to the different departments;

4.    schedules lectures on the matters relevant to the spiritual and moral needs of students, the school community, and the Church, in coordination with the Heads of the different departments;

5.    prepares a year-long calendar of religious activities and conducts a regular evaluation every after activity;

6.    serves as official representative of the school with the Association of Diocesan Clerics, the Diocesan Vocation Promotion, the Association of School chaplains, and similar religious groups, as well as to meetings, seminars and the like;

7.    supervises, encourages , and guides all the religious organizations of the school, and recommends approval for the creation of new ones to the Vice President for Religious Affairs;

8.    prepares a preliminary budget for the department and submits it to the Vice President for Finance through the Vice President for Religious Affairs for proper action; receives budget control report and explains variances between budgeted and actual expenditures.

9.    promotes and nurtures OAR Vocations;

10.   provides opportunities for pastoral care and counseling after the models of St. Augustine and St. Ezekiel;

11.   performs other functions or tasks as may be assigned or delegated by the Vice President for Religious Affairs/President/School Board.