Human Resource Development Center


The Human Resource Development Center is envisioned to be an implementing arm of the institution in its aim of promoting Catholic Christian education through the support of competitive, high-performing and most importantly, value-imbued human resources.

Each employee is aimed to have a sense of ownership of his or her specific function, duly responsible and committed to continuously improving work performance, in healthy collaboration with other members of the school community.



The Human Resource Development Center commits to support and monitor the holistic development of human resources in the aspects of education, work efficiency, profession, community service and research.

The office further works to promote an environment of highly-engaged employees, who are also dynamic and can easily adapt to organizational changes, as needed.



The Human Resource Development Center (HRDC) is the office in charge of the following functions:

1. Recruitment. Recruitment pertains to the process of attracting, selecting and hiring individuals to specific positions in the organization. In SSC-R Manila, though there is a standard recruitment procedure, the following would detail the specific steps whenever a human resource need arises in specific departments: Administration (lay), faculty members (College and Basic Education) and staff members. Recruitment procedures for faculty members in the Graduate School of Law, College of Law and Institute of Graduate Studies are still being finalized.

2. Training and Development. In the objective of improving and sustaining development in the performance of individuals and groups in the organization, the HRDC takes care of planning and organizing training, learning and enhancement programs for the lay administrators, faculty and staff members of the institution. The program conducted are needs-based. This means that topics are borne out of survey results, particularly that of the training needs analysis (TNA). Once results were arrived at, the HRDC comes up with a training calendar for a specific school year to address the developmental needs of human resources.

3. Performance Management. To ensure that all employees are able to contribute in the achievement of the goals of the school, work performance is regularly assessed, annually for most administrators and supervisors while semi-annually for faculty and staff members. Below is the set of evaluators for the different employee categories:

  • College faculty members: Dean, Chairperson, Peer, Students
  • Senior High School Faculty members: Principal, Coordinator, Peer, Students
  • High School faculty members: Principal, Coordinators, Area Advisers, Students
  • Grade School Faculty members: Principal, coordinators, area Advisers, Peer
  • Non-teaching Personnel: Office Head, Peer, Clients


4. Benefits Administration. The HRDC facilitates the application of leave of employees such as sick, emergency, vacation and other government-mandated leaves. The HRDC also handles concerns related to healthcare benefits. The school provides a health card for the coverage of its employees’ consultations and hospitalizations with a certain limit. The employees are also given the privilege to enroll their qualified dependents to healthcare coverage, subject to corresponding salary deductions.


5. Attendance Monitoring. The office manages the records of attendance of employees: administrators, faculty and staff members through a system that is being maintained by the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department.

6. Employee Engagement. In the objective of making employees feel more valued and important, the HRDC has conceptualized some employee engagement programs that may promote more enthusiasm and motivation toward work. The HRDC holds that an employee who feels valued tends to be more engaged, dedicated and happy in his or her work. Some of the employee engagement programs introduced are the following:

  • Coffee Break sessions for Birthday celebrants
  • Sending flowers to bereaved family of employees
  • Sending of fruits to hospitalized employees