Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs

Vice President for Academic Affairs

The Vice President for Academic Affairs assists in the formulation of the institutional plan. He develops long-range programs for the academic operations of the school, and monitors the progress of the plans and programs of the school. He also appraises the performance of the academic and non-academic heads, and creates committees as may be necessary for the effective delivery of services. Upon the recommendation of respective Deans/Heads, he approves faculty loading and endorses new faculty to the President for approval.

The VPAA also coordinates the institutional and faculty publications. He submits regular reports to the School Board through the President on the operations, projects, and activities of the units under his supervision. He conducts regular and special meetings with his unit heads and with the committees/councils he chairs. He gives recommendations on matters of hiring, termination, permanency, promotion, and reclassification of personnel under his office. He coordinates with the various deans, directors, and OICs with regard to their academic projects and activities. He performs other functions or tasks as may be assigned or delegated by the School Board.