Sebastinian Outreach Foundation Inc.


We envision Sebastinian Outreach Foundation, Inc. (SOFI) as an institution ready to uplift the life of the poor. Guided by the Sebastinian charism, it is committed to be servant of the poor; ready to extend love and care by providing the essential needs of the Christian community.



The Sebastinian Outreach Foundation, Inc. (SOFI) in its aim of elevating the life of the poor commits to:

  • Provide biblically based, academically excellent and practically applied instructions in nurturing an environment suited for the development of one’s potential.
  • Create work for spiritual living of individuals whose faith are committed to living the word of God.


The Sebastinian Outreach Foundation, Inc. (SOFI) aims to elevate the life of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in and off campus. Within the framework of this guiding philosophy, SOFI commits itself:

  • To give educational program that will empower individuals to become active, responsible and enlightened individuals in the past-paced and changing society.
  • To give exposures and opportunities to the recipient communities to increase their confidence and self-worth for the enrichment of their lives.
  • To form a school community where students are willing to share their time, talents and resources to the needy in and off campus.
  • To provide resources and technical skills to the members of the community it waits to serve by inviting human resources through the student organizations, Government Organizations (GO’s) and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s).


Historical Background

“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

With so many concerns of the Outreach Development Office (ODO) of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila it was agreed upon by the school board to transform the office into a Foundation. The Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the SOFI Registration on May 13, 2004. With the office’s new description, broader and wide array of activities are expected. SOFI is expected to be self-sustaining, self-reliant, self-determining and propelling identity, ready to extend help to the needy.

Through this Foundation, we will be able to extend aid for the improvement of human existence in all aspects: mentally, economically, socially, morally, and spirituality. Furthermore, SOFI has developed an Outreach Thrusts/Identity for each department.

Departmental Thrusts / Identity

For clarity, identification and coordination processes, a certain program was assigned to every department of SSC-R.



GRADE SCHOOL “AGAPE ala Sebastino” 
HIGH SCHOOL“ARAL Sebastino” (Literacy & Scholarship Services)  
CIHM “LIKHA SEBASTINO” (Livelihood & Productive Skills) 
CAS LAKAS SEBASTINO(Sports and Sports Wellness) 
REED  CREDO SEBASTINO (Spiritual Services)
LAW SOLA (Legal Aide) 
SDPC ABOT-KAMAY SEBASTINO (Counseling Services) 
ALUMNI UGNAYAN SEBASTINO (Job Placement and Opportunities)