Student Affairs Office

The Student Affairs Office supervises student activities, behavior, conduct, and discipline.

Operating within the context of the Vision, Mission and Objectives of SSC-R, the Student Affairs Office is both an administrative and service office.

It is administrative in the sense that it serves to enforce and implement all policies, rules and regulations of the College as well as those of the Commission on Higher Education with respect to: (1) the student’s general conduct, behavior, and discipline; (2) student organizations, programs, fora, and activities.

It is a service office in the sense that it serves and looks after the welfare and interest of students.

  1. A. Services
  2. 1. The Student Affairs Office receives and acts upon:
  3. a. excuse letter-request of students and other matters relative to class attendance through the Coordinator for Student Discipline (CSD);
  4. b. complaints and/or grievances filed by and/or against students;
  5. c. request to conduct student activities, both in and off campus (student activity as defined in Article V11);
  6. d. request for exemptions from school disciplinary policies (e.g. uniform and attire, hair style/length policy, etc.) through the CSD;
  7. e. request for issuance of Certificate of Good Moral Character; and
  8. f. requests for posting and/or circulation of announcements intended to and/or coming from students.


  1. The Student Affairs Office issues:
  2. a. official call slips or excuse slips for disciplinary action through the CSD and other important matters relating to the SSG;
  3. b. directives on student behavior and discipline through the CSD;
  4. c. permission for posting of announcements, notices and posters, and authorizes circulation or distribution of leaflets, flyers, and other similar information materials intended for and/or coming from students;
  5. 3. The Student Affairs Office supervises and oversees the activities of the Supreme Student Government
  6. 4. The Student Affairs Office facilitates the formation of the Editorial Board of the official school publication (The Sebastinian). It likewise facilitates and approves, in consultation with the VPSW, other student publications aside from the official one (The Sebastinian).
  7. 5. The Student Affairs Office facilitates the official recognition/accreditation of student organizations and approval of their proposed activities.
  8. 6. The Student Affairs Office facilitates and provides for leadership training seminars for student leaders.  It also proposes/recommends students who are deserving of leadership awards.
  9. 7. The Student Affairs Office facilitates the selection and formation of the Graduating Class Officers (GCO) and supervises and monitors their functions and activities.


  1. B. Location of the Student Affairs Office

It is located in the second floor of the St. Monica Building, beside the Speech Laboratory


  1. C. SAO Service Hours
  • Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 nn; 1:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  • Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 nn.


  1. D. Student Organizations

The Supreme Student Government (SSG). 

The Supreme Student Government is the central organization of all students in the Tertiary Level of San Sebastian College-Recoletos. It is governed by its constitution and by-laws duly approved by the School Administration. The institution recognizes the Supreme Student Government as the legitimate representative of the student body. The Director/Head of the SAO is the immediate administrator representation.  The SSG is tasked to submit, before the start of the academic year, all its plans and activities, to the SAO Director/Head. Likewise, the SSG is required to submit to the SAO its annual financial report which is subject to the audit by the school’s internal auditor before the academic year ends.

Academic Organizations


The San Sebastian College-Recoletos Association of Computer Science (SSCR-ACOSCI) is the mother organization for the computer science students. It was created in order to distinguish Computer Science students from Information Technology students. In ACOSCI, members make their own plan of activities that will enhance the logical thinking skills of the computer science students.

This organization is not only about computer programming or solving different kinds of  problems in the field, but it also aims to 1) expose its members to the latest trends and innovations within the Information and Communication Technology community. 2) train the students to think logically and strategically about different programming languages and its uses, and 3) develop their analytical thinking capability in solving programming related problems.



The Association of Recollect Communicators (ARC) is the mother organization of students who are enrolled under the programs of  Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BAC) and Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (BAJ) in San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila.

ARC aims to prepare its members to be globally competitive in their chosen field by organizing various activities within and outside the school community such as productions that serve as a training ground for their future career. It helps to prepare its members spiritually, emotionally, mentally, by providing opportunities for the members to hone their knowledge and skills in the various avenues of communication.

It helps/trains its members to become effective communicators for Christ by injecting spiritual and moral values in its programs. As an academic organization, ARC helps its members to uplift the name of the school by joining inter-school competitions to show and/or exemplifies the Sebastinian excellence in the field.



The SSC-R Junior Financial Executives (JFINEX) is a diverse group of undergraduate business students from a variety of academic backgrounds. The purpose of the organization is to help students pursue their interests in finance, encourage student participation in all activities related to finance, promote students interest in finance within the campus and in the community, espouses state of the art finance  practices, encourage and uphold sound, honest practices in the pursuit of opportunities in finance, and finally to promote friendly, productive interactions among students, faculty and business people.



Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, SSC-R Manila chapter, is the academic organization of San Sebastian Accounting students. It aims for fellowship and solidarity, academic excellence, moral integrity, socio civic and cultural consciousness among its members. It also aims to involve its members in every activity by having them actively participate in its various projects/activities. It was established to nurture/develop each student holistically not only inside the school, but also outside community.

Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants, SSCR-R Manila chapter, promotes unanimity among its members for the betterment of not only themselves, but also for the academic organization. It encourages its members to do their best by helping them through seminars and review or tutorial classes.


The Legal Management Society (LMS) is the mother organization of bona fide Legal Management students in the institution. The organization upholds the total development of the members with regards to its objectives to provide students a training ground for responsible leadership and promotion of social commitment and responsibility based on the values and laws of society, to undertake activities and programs to promote academic excellence among the students taking Legal Management.

It aims to help Legal Management students to learn and apply efficient and scientific study and critical thinking in both areas of business and law, in response to a more competitive world. And to embody the goals, ideals, and sentiments of the Legal Management students and to represent their needs. grievances and demand for the enhancement and improvement of the course.



The Political Science Society (PSS) is the official academic organization of the Political Science students of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila.

PSS advocates the application of the theories in the field of political science to be of help for the progress of the society. It believes that every political science student has his/her own niche in contributing to the long process of nation building.

The moral foundation of the society is the ideals and precepts of St. Augustine and St. Sebastian, in line with the mission and vision of the school towards a “quality Catholic Christian Education”.



     The Sebastinian Business Management Society is the official student organization of students under the program of Business Management. This organization serves Business Management Students as it continues its service for its members and for the school as well.

The main goal of this organization is to promote unity, awareness, camaraderie and discipline among its members.


     SHARMO is the official organization of Hotel and Restaurant Management students of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila. The logo used by the organization is a representation of the whole Hotel and Restaurant Management community that is united for continuing the students’ passion for excellence and global competitiveness on its way to success. The physical attributes of the logo are a goblet surrounded by a ribbon, heart and a stag placed in a goblet of the Sebastinian Hotel and Restaurant Management Organization.

The organization updates all its members for the upgrading of the knowledge of HRM majors,  as well as for promoting HRM as one of the programs offered at SSC-R Manila



Sebastinian Information Technology Enthusiasts is the official student organization of Information Technology students of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila.

This organization was established in 2014.  The aim of this organization is to unite all the Information Technology students and provide members the knowledge and training in their field.  The organization aims to ensure its members to acquire greater  knowledge and experience that will be useful to their future endeavors.



The Sebastinian Marketing Circle (SMC) is the sole academic student organization of Marketing major students of the College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies.

Through seminars, team building activities and other organization’s planned events, the organization aims to mold and train the members to be dynamic marketers equipped with Christian principles and aware of the latest marketing trends, technologies and innovations of the new millennium which are significant today.


The Sebastinian Psychology Society is an organization that brings together all students enrolled under the BS Psychology program and other students from the College Department who show or manifest keen interest in the field of Psychology. This organization, guided by the school’s vision and mission, aims to promote the co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of the BS Psychology program that will help every member develop his/her academic, socio-spiritual, as well as interpersonal relationship skills. SPS also aims to develop and provide programs and activities which will enhance/develop the welfare of the members.

It shall provide relevant activities to promote unity, camaraderie and cooperation among the members of Sebastinian Psychology Society. This organization aims to inculcate among the members the values of love, knowledge and service, training in research and other Psychology-related skills for the holistic development of the members to become effective and productive members of the Sebastinian community.



     The Sebastinian Tourism Organization (STO) is an academic organization of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila.  Its prime objective is to establish a well-defined goal for tourism students towards a better academic development and enhance the knowledge and skills of each and every member in the field of the Hospitality industry.


Non-Academic and Institutional Student Organizations


The Rotaract club of San Sebastian College – Recoletos Manila brings together students ages 18-30 to exchange ideas with leaders in the community, develop leadership and professional skills, and have fun through service.

In communities worldwide, Rotary and Rotaract members work side by side to take action through service. From big cities to rural villages, ROTARACT is changing communities.



     The San Sebastian Recollect Dance Troupe is an organization of students who have the passion for the art of dancing. The SSRDT members are very passionate with regards to dancing and have respect for one another’s interests and talents. They promote the mission and vision of SSC-R Manila through active expression of their Sebastinian values in the art of dancing.         



    The Sebastinian Arts Society is a multi-art organization aimed at harnessing and developing the skills of its members to achieve its goal of art excellence through good Christian moral values. Together, it aims at building camaraderie among its members through developing its artistic interests and talents.



The Sebastinian Environmentalist Circle is an organization of college students who have common interest in the protection and conservation of the environment.  The organization aims to provide the students the opportunity to be aware, share and expand their knowledge and experience beyond the corners of the classroom through various activities involving environmental protection and preservation, through lectures or symposia on topics of special interest, as well as conduct exposure tours and outreach activities.

The organization espouses the Sebastinian ideals as a whole.  The organization is open to all college students of SSC-R, Manila.



SMS is a non-academic student organization composed of students who share common interests in the field of

mathematics.  Members conduct remedial tutorials to students who are in need of assistance to cope with Math problems/lessons. Members also conduct tutorials to the adopted community as their outreach project.



     The Sebastinian Religious Education Organization is an organization founded by Religious Education faculty members with the hope of imparting Christian values and bring the members closer to God. Its main objective is to encourage students to maintain their spiritual lives and develop their skills, talents, and enhance their religious values through interacting with others. The members are active in activities like community outreach, retreats, recollections and religious seminars. Through their experiences, the members learn the values of camaraderie and love of God.



     The purpose of this organization is to unite young and dynamic students of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila who have the interests and the talents in acting on stage and at the same time, educate and develop such talents to the fullest so as to contribute to the propagation of drama and the performing arts.



STC is a non-academic student organization that walks usually for a long distance, travel by walking through an area with many mountains, rivers, etc., to commune with nature, and promote environmental awareness and adventure.

It promotes environmental awareness, interact and gain knowledge from local culture and SSCR-Alumni, develop trekking and improve interpersonal skills.  It pursues ways to maintain the camaraderie of the group and to be more responsible in trekking.


  1. 9. STAGLENS

STAGLENS is a non-academic student organization composed of college students who have common interest in the field of Photography.  It is usually tapped to take photos during school events to enable members to hone their photography skills and thereby develop their potentials for the art.



     The PARLIAMENT is the pre-law association of college students of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila. The official seal of the Parliaments shall be three Pillars representing Justice, Truth and Equality.

Parliamentarians, in the exercise of their rights and in the performance of their duties, act with justice, give everyone his due and observe honesty and good faith.



     The Sebastinian Peer Facilitators is one of the special programs of the College Student Development and Placement Center (SDPC) and serves as the extension arm of the center. It is comprised of student volunteers who are dynamic, responsible, and committed individuals who are willing to serve their fellow Sebastinians by sharing their time, skills, and experiences in counseling and facilitating programs and activities.


These volunteer students are equipped with the skills, attitude, and experience through training and exposures which make them effective facilitators. The Peer Facilitators as a group is also an avenue to empower the youth to reach out to others and translate sympathy into action and develop their social awareness and responsibilities.


Student Publication


Student publication shall be utilized to train students in:

  1. 1. The application of communication arts in journalism;
  2. 2. The basic mechanism and technical skills in journalism;
  3. 3.  The responsibilities and privileges in journalism in relation to the contents of articles to be published;
  4. 4.  The use of the student publication in support to the educational development of the learner/student, the school, the community, and the country;
  5. 5.  Training interested students in the application of the art and science of journalism for technological advancement;
  6. 6.  Developing intelligent and responsible leadership and good citizenship in a free and democratic society;
  7. 7.  Serving as a pool of all learning experiences of student journalist;
  8. 8.  Advocate social consciousness and upholding the interest for the Filipino people; and
  9. 9.  Advancing students’ rights and responsibilities as well as promote their general welfare