Student Development and Placement Center

The Student Development and Placement Center is the heart of the educational institution. Its comprehensive role as the partner of the school includes creation, development, implementation, monitoring and enhancement of the services designed to address the needs of the students throughout their entire stay in the institution.



We, the SSC-R Manila SDPC Counselors, as partners of the school in fulfilling her mission, provide guidance and counseling services that will assist the members of the educational community in the development of every Sebastinian.



We want SC-R Manila Student Development and Placement Center (SDPC) to be dynamic promoter of Augustinian Recollect values that assist the members of the educational community to develop individuals and professionals who are morally upright, socially responsible, and globally competitive.



  1. 1. The main function of the Student Development and Placement Center is to assist students to gain maximum benefit from their educational experiences through counseling and guidance in relation to their academic and personal needs. It also organizes school activities which will provide opportunities for intellectual, physical, cultural, socio-civic, and moral development.
  2. 2. The role of the counselor is mainly characterized by understanding, acceptance and empathy with the students in order to help in their emotional and educational growth. Counseling is an integral part of the school, particularly with the complex and involved situations with which are confronted today. The key areas which are covered are personal concerns and needs, academic counseling, career information, educational and job placement.
  3. 3. The Student Development and Placement Center conducts researches to determine the functionality of the SDPC services. Evaluation is made for every seminar, program, project and other activities undertaken. Studies, evaluations, and surveys conducted by the guidance office are available for Administrators, Faculty and Students for their further programs and studies.
  4. 4. Mental Ability, occupational interests and personality strengths and weaknesses are assessed through the use of standardized psychological tests. Tests are interpreted for the students’ awareness, growth and developments.

5. It establishes linkages with different agencies and institutions for possible placement of students. Employment registration form is made available to interested parties to facilitate job placement. SDPC also organizes Job Fairs, Job Hunting Seminars and Career Assessment Programs.

  1. 6. SDPC trains student volunteers who wants to become Peer Facilitators to work with their fellow students. They work together as a team to assist their peers. Older students who have demonstrated sound interpersonal skills and responsible thinking are also invited to take special training course and become Peer Facilitators. These groups provide students with a special opportunity to share experiences, explore feelings offer ideas, encourage and listen to others.