Library Systems

To support instruction, research and service goals of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila by sustaining academic excellence and working collaboratively, creatively and efficiently with the different departments or areas in the institution.

Provides outstanding services to the college in support to the information needs by integrating traditional and digital resources and services.

Builds and preserves the collections required according to a rational collection policy

Fosters a productive and collegial work environment in which staff has the flexibility and support to achieve their assigned responsibilities

Promotes more efficient use of existing library resources and add new resources to advance the library’s mission.

  • Build and preserve the collections according to the school’s rational collection policy.Organize the collection for effective use. Practice zero backlog processing of library materials (books, professional journals and non-print collections.Foster a productive and mutual work environment in which staff achieves very satisfactorily the assigned tasks and responsibilities.Promote library resources for maximum utilization to attain school mission.

    Aim for a level up library service and continuously acquire latest or new copyright of books for new knowledge dissemination to students and faculty.

The College Library has three separate facilities; College Main Library, College Library Extension, and IMC (Instructional Media Center). The College Main Library on the Ground Floor of the Administration Bldg., Right Wing has a floor area of 463.25 sq. m. with a seating capacity of 350.

The College Library has three separate facilities; College Main Library, College Library Extension, and IMC (Instructional Media Center). The College Main Library on the Ground Floor of the Administration Bldg., Right Wing has a floor area of 463.25 sq. m. with a seating capacity of 350.

It houses the following:

  • Instructional Media materials (Videotape collection: commercial and in-house)
  • Book Collection (Reference, Filipiniana and General Collection)
  • CD-ROM collection
  • Computer Area for the Internet web surfing
  • Faculty corner
  • Map collection
  • Newly Acquired library materials (books, instructional media materials)
  • Periodicals Collection (Bound, foreign and local)
  • SSC-R, Manila Publications
  • Thesis & Feasibility Studies Collection
  • Transparency collection
  • Vertical file collection
The library provides the following:

  • Reference Services to users and assistance on the use of OPAC, Internet and other available database, as well as the use of books and reserve collections, and the issuance of passes for room-use materials to be photocopied;
  • Referral letters to faculty members and students who would like to use other school libraries;
  • Library Orientation for students and faculty members, bibliographic services, readers’ guidance, and library tours;
  • Multimedia services using computers, multimedia projectors, PCTVs with or without cameras, photo and video coverage,sound system operation.
  • Systems Upgraded!The St. Thomas of Villanova Library is committed to provide effective, efficient and user-initiated services to its different stakeholders especially to the students, with the aid of technology to ensure quick and easy access.The library has recently undergone an enhancement of the current library system to automation. The migration of data to Koha system, bar coding of library materials, OPAC access, RFID tagging, installation of UH Frequency Door Detector, Circulation automation process, inventory system, and Web library services evaluation were among the improvements that were made.The dry run for the newly automated and improved services was held last first semester and the full implementation was held this second semester.

    Furthermore, the library has subscribed to foreign journals, MyLegal Whiz and Heinonline, and Press Reader in order to provide students, faculty and the community with quality and updated educational sources of information in the most cost-effective and accessible format.

The College Library/IMC adopts an open access system for all print and non-print collections. It also adopts a Color Coding guide, which are the following.

  • Bound Periodicals – Foreign(pink) – Local(green)
  • Filipiniana books (green)
  • Filipiniana Reference (violet)
  • Foreing Books (orange)
  • Reference (yellow)
  • SSC-R Publications (gold)

The books are cataloged and classified following the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules 2 (AACR2) and the Dewey Decimal Classifications System.

Decorum in the Library

  • A quiet atmosphere conducive to serious study and learning must be maintained at all times. Unnecessary noise, loud conversation and discussion, smoking, drinking, and sleeping within the Library premises are discourage/prohibited.
  • Art and design projecys involving drawing, painting, pasting, and cutting should not be done in the Library premises. Likewise, the use of molding clay, scissors, clipping tools, water color kits and the like are discourage inside the library.
  • Cellphone must be kept on silent mode, and their active use within the library premises is discouraged.
  • Wearing Hats, visitors, caps,and the like is discouraged for safety reasons.
  • Use of electrical convenience is not allowed

Loan Period

Faculty members and administrators may borrow a maximum of six (6) books at a time for a period of one month. They may extend the loan period for another one month unless said books are requested and / or reserved by other users.

Students and regular / permanent SSC-R, Manila personnel and faculty members may borrow a maximum of three (3) books at a time for a period of one week, subject to renewal.

Alumni may use the library facilities and resources but not allowed to take out / borrow library materials for home use.

Books in great demand or upon request of faculty members are placed on reserve. These books may be borrowed for room use only for two (2) hours and subject to renewal if there is no demand from other users. A user may borrow only one (1) reserved book at a time.

Overnight loans for reserved books are charged out from 6:00 p.m. and must be returned not later than 9:00 a.m. the following school day.

Overdue fines are charged for overdue library materials / equipment. The charged for overdue books and equipments are as follows: Overdue Book Php 2.00 per day/ book Overdue AV Equipment- Php 5.00 per hour Payment for overdue fines should be made at the Cashier Office. Lost books should be reported at once to the library to avoid accumulated overdue fines.

Lost books should be replaced with any of the following ( according to priority): 1.Same Title, Same Edition, Same Author (s) 2.Same Title, Same Author(s), latest edition 3.Another material of the same subject of any title or author published within the last two years. 4.Damaged books is considered lost books.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday – 8:00am – 12:00nn & 1:00pm – 5:00pm                                                                        Saturday – 8:00am – 12:00nn & 1:00pm – 5:00pm

Contact Information: Telephone No.: 734-8931 local 108

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