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SSC-R Manila establishes and maintains comparability of standards with other providers of equivalent level programs. Reiterating the school’s sustainability for eighty-one (81) years and in its pursuit of excellence, SSC-R Manila has been applying to the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) for the accreditation of its academic programs since 1982 for the Arts and Sciences, Business and Grade School programs; 1991 for the High School program; 1995 for the Accountancy program; 2005 for the Computer Science, Hospitality Management and Tourism Management programs; and in 2016 for the Master of Business Administration program.
Through the years, SSC-R Manila has continued its quest for excellence and its commitment to achieve the different levels of Accreditation of which the school attained already the Level III re-accredited status for the Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, Grade School and High School programs. The school worked intensively and collaboratively through the preliminary visits, formal surveys, and resurvey visits.
SSC-R Manila is the first Recoletos School in the Philippines with Institutional Accreditation granted by FAAP. SSC-R Manila is one of the seven (7) Higher Educational Institutions owned and administered by the Order of the Augustinian Recollects.
The granting of the levels of accreditation from the Federation of Accrediting Agencies in the Philippines (FAAP) through the PAASCU has carved the niche in the academic community with its proof of quality Catholic education.

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