Online Services

Electronic Data Processing


Electronic Data Processing Department (EDP) is an office that uses automated methods to process commercial data. It is responsible for the control and innovation of the existing systems used in the basic school operations such as enrollment and distribution of student grade report. It is also responsible for data control and the addition of new data in the school.
The said systems are being housed and maintained at the EDP Department that are directly connected and being used by the personnel of the Accounting Department (Accounting System), Registrar’s Office (Integrated Student Information System), Academic Deans and the OAR Religious Administrators.


The EDP (Electronic Data Processing) Department supports access and success of SSCR-Manila. Through our projects and daily activities, EDP provides resources and services to support the educational, research, and public service missions of the institution. These resources and services are available to all students and employees of SSC-R. EDP develops and implements policies and procedures necessary to ensure effective, secure, and appropriate use of the Institution’s information resources and services.


institutional services as well as the internal and external information flows through the use of information technology. We do so in two ways: by developing and providing the necessary technology and by operating a Professional Services Department that can implement the necessary technology and architecture correctly and efficiently.


  • To provide an easy, accessible, affordable Information and Communication Technologies to the Institution.
  • To promote a greater awareness on Information and Communication Technologies to all levels of the Institution.
  • To simply develop and retain a knowledgeable workforce in ICT.
  • To develop ICT infrastructure as to promote universal access.
  • To establish and implement ICT policies.
  • To recognize the importance of ICT in the continuous development of the Institution as a whole.


Student Information System

The system administrator/officer regularly maintains and properly operates the entire Student Information System and Accounting System. Carries out the needed adjustments on the existing system and to improve its functionality and develop procedures that are tailor fit for the school’s needs.

Masterfile Maintenance

Courses / Curriculum / Subjects maintenance Student information maintenance, Employee / Faculty information maintenance, School fees / Laboratory fees maintenance

Pre-Enrollment Processing

Subjects scheduling / Room assignment, Block-sectioning offering, Subject Slot monitoring, Faculty loading assignment, on-line application approving, etc

Enrollment Processing

Encoding of student’s subject assessment, ID Capturing, ID printing

Post Enrollment Processing

Adding and Changing of subject’s, Withdrawal / Dropping of subjects from Class Roster, Class Merging/Splitting, Generation of academic reports, setting up Online Grading sheet and grading periods, Manage Grading System, Assist Student access for online portal, Manage enrollment records, etc.

Student Grades processing

Official grade sheet generation for Encoding of grades

Database Server

The EDP department is responsible for all the back-end database servers as well as the fine-tuning of the respective databases:
  • Monitoring the physical resources of the server
  • Configure and test client connections
  • Server maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Backup and recovery keeping up-to-date copies of all databases
  • Online backup to SSC-R Manila and vice-versa
  • Ensure the database integrity and security

Hardware / Software Operations

The EDP department provides hardware/software support for the computers for the Accounting office and Registrar’s office. Fix and reconfigure the said computers whenever the need arises.