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Sebastinian Community Development and Extension Office


The SCDEO is responsible for the community development/extension programs of SSC-R, Manila. The concept of this program includes people empowerment and holistic development geared towards transformation in the various aspects of life. Primarily, SCDEO envisions an entity that shall improve the way of life of our partner communities through our social, spiritual, environmental awareness and advocacy and educational programs.


We envision Sebastinian Community Development and Extension Office. (SCDEO) as an institution ready to uplift the life of the poor. Guided by the Sebastinian charism, it is committed to be servant of the poor; ready to extend love and care by providing the essential needs of the Christian community.


The Sebastinian Community Development and Extension Office. (SCDEO) in its aim of elevating the life of the poor will:

  • provide biblically-based, academically-excellent and practically-applied instructions in nurturing an environment suited to the development of one’s potential.
  • create network for spiritual living of individuals whose faith is committed to living the word of God.


The Sebastinian Community Development and Extension Office. (SCDEO) aims to elevate the life of our less fortunate brothers and sisters in and off-campus. Within the framework of this guiding philosophy, SCDEO commits itself:

  • to give an educational program that will empower individuals to take active, responsible and enlightened roles in a changing society.
  • to give exposures and opportunities to the recipient communities to increase their confidence and self-worth for the enrichment of their lives.
  • to form a school community where students are willing to share their time, talents and resources to the needy in and off-campus.
  • to provide resources and technical know-how to the members of the community it wants to serve by inviting human resources through the student organizations, Government Institutions and Non-Government Organizations (NGO’s).


San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila as a Catholic institution, is giving witness to the Augustinian Recollect charism as a way of living faith and Christianity through the Institutional Community Development/Extension Program, supervised by the Sebastinian Community Development and Extension Office. (SCDEO). Through its involvement in community development programs and projects, the school sustains its quest for quality and relevance in its academic pursuits by keeping alive its mission of service and authentic Christian witnessing.

Community development activities have been conducted at the institutional, college and program levels. Administrators, faculty, staff and students’ involvements are notable. Varied education-related activities were implemented such as Computer Literacy, Ecology Seminars, Livelihood and Training Seminars, Sports Clinic, Tutorial Services, Values Enhancement Seminars and other programs and activities aimed towards educational development and self-empowerment. Spiritual development programs were also implemented by sponsoring and initiating the holding of Recollections, Retreats, Catechism, Religious Pilgrimage, Bible Studies, Mass Wedding, Mass Baptism, Eucharistic Celebration and other Liturgical Services. Active implementation of various social programs were initiated and conducted such as Medical and Dental Services, Feeding Programs, Sports activities and sharing of resources with its partner communities and other charitable institutions. The Sebastinian Community is also actively involved in the mobilization and relief operations during emergencies and calamities.

Institutional and departmental planning of community development/extension programs are carried out annually. Projects and activities planned and implemented are integrated in the curriculum. Thus, community and extension activities rendered do not only mean service but enrichment of the course or subjects being taken. 

Through the years, SSC-R Manila has strengthened concretely its community involvement through:

sustained publication and conduct of projects and activities by the different programs and sectors of the institution;
  • increased number of partnership with communities (Brgy. 386, Quiapo, Manila and San Sebastian Parish, Quaipo, Manila) for in the maintenance of peace and order, preservation of the environment and involvement in pastoral and pious work;
  • stable operation of SCDEO’s Souvenir Shop since its opening on October 8, 2009 that sustains the funding of SOFI’s planned activities and at the same time helps in the marketing and promotional efforts of the school;
  • sustained operation of VIVACE Massage Clinic that assists our recipient blind group (Give Love Association for the blind) since its inception last September 12, 2005;
  • continuous promotion of SCDEO’s programs and activities through the school’s website and social networking sites (SCDEO Facebook and Gmail), SCDEO Journals and brochures; and
  • increased linkage with the Alumni.