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Student Affairs Office


The Student Affairs Office operates under the direct supervision of  the Vice- President of Student Welfare. As an administrative and  service office, it functions to supervise student activities, behavior,  conduct, and discipline. It is administrative in the sense that it  serves to enforce and implement all policies, rules and regulations  of the College as well as those of the Commission on Higher  Education with respect to:

  • The student’s general conduct, behavior, and discipline;  and 
  • Student organizations, programs, fora, and activities. 
Whereas, it is also classified as a service office in the sense that it  serves and looks after the welfare and interest of students. More  importantly, as an integral part in the provision of Student Services,  the Student Affairs Office ensures to carry out its mandate within  the context of the Vision, Mission, and Objectives of San Sebastian  College- Recoletos. 

Policies and Guidelines

The Student Affairs Office is responsible for the over-all implementation of the student manual. It shall exercise a service function to undertake action on complaints and grievances submitted in writing or through e-mail by faculty, students, and other parties connected with the school about student welfare and/or student misconduct.

It also reserves the right to approve the accreditation of Student Organizations whether may it be classified as an academic or non-academic. The monitoring and supervision on the activities of the accredited student organizations as well as on the projects of the Supreme Student Government are also within the function of the Student Affairs Office thus, obtaining clearance and/or prior approval before conducting any student activities shall remain as mandatory.

Further, the Student Affairs Office, facilitates the formation of  the Editorial Board of the official student publication (The  Sebastinian). It likewise facilitates and approves, in  consultation with the VPSW, other student publications aside  from the official one (The Sebastinian). 

Services Offered as the Central Business Center

  • The Student Affairs Office receives and acts upon:
  •  excuse letter-requests of students and other matters relative to class attendance);
    b. complaints and/or grievances filed by and/or against students; c. requests to conduct student activities, both in and off campus (student activity as defined in Article V11 of the Revised Student Handbook Series of 2017);
  •  requests for exemptions from school disciplinary policies (e.g. uniform and attire, hair style/length policy, etc.);
  • requests for issuance of Certificate of Good Moral Character; and
  • requests for posting and/or circulation of announcements intended to and/or coming from students.

Furthermore, the Student Affairs Office issues:

  • official call slips or excuse slips for disciplinary actions through the CSD and other urgent matters relating to student activities and conduct;
  •  directives on student behavior and discipline through the CSD; c. permission for posting of announcements, notices and posters, and authorizes circulation or distribution of leaflets, flyers, and other similar information materials intended for and/or coming from students;

Student Services offered by the Student Affairs Office during the implementation of flexible learning

  • The Student Affairs Office will conduct a series of orientation for the college students at the beginning of the semester on how they can adjust to flexible learning during the pandemic. It will be delivered through online platforms available for new and old students with their parents/guardians. Recordings of the orientations will also be available on the official Facebook page of the school for students, parents/guardians who were unable to attend the live orientations
  • The Student Affairs Office in coordination with VPSW and SDPC will plan and conduct series of online Leadership Training for Student Leaders. Student leaders are encouraged to join online webinars and conferences and will act as an official representative of the school.
  • The Student Affairs Office in coordination with the Student Publication Adviser and Officers will conduct webinars on Campus Journalism. They will continue giving out campus news via the social media page of the The Sebastinian and shared in the official Facebook page of the college department.
  • For yearbook, SAO will conduct series of meetings with the Graduating Class Officers (GCO) of SY 2019-2020 and SY 2020-2021 to plan the development and production of their yearbook