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Bachelor of Arts In Communication


Communication as a field of study covers the various ways by which humans communicate. It focuses on how verbal and non-verbal messages are used to create meanings in different contexts using diverse media platforms. It includes a broad range of subject matter ranging from the study of communication in interpersonal relationships, groups, organizations, and cultures.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, a Sebastinian graduate of BA Broadcasting should be able to:

  • have adequate learning of the English grammar;
  • acquire knowledge in constructing articles for print, broadcast, and new media;
  • determine the importance of communication theories not only in the academe but also in the everyday work field;
  • learn and apply frameworks and approaches in the 21st century communication research;
  • acquire basic training in news gathering and news writing;
  • write scripts for radio, television, and film;
  • conduct basic research in developing a communication plan;
  • produce a communication plan for a specific community;
  • recognize the importance of visual aesthetics in crafting an effective and comprehensible message;
  • point out the importance of principles and practices in broadcast journalism;
  • identify the laws and ethics that govern the practice of media;
  • use techniques in producing broadcast quality radio and television shows; and
  • apply industry-based knowledge in actual industry.