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Bachelor of Arts in Journalism


Journalism covers the principles and techniques of reporting, writing, producing, and disseminating news in a range of forms, formats, and platforms in a democracy such as the Philippines. It focuses on timely events, issues, and developments relevant to the communities the journalist serves. This field of study promotes professional and ethical standards and includes reflection on best practices.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, a Sebastinian graduate of BA Broadcasting should be able to:

  • have adequate learning of the English grammar;
  • acquire knowledge in constructing paragraphs leading to coherent and congruent compositions;
  • apply knowledge of mass media from print, broadcast, to new media;
  • apply the four macro skills of communication in given situations;
  • determine the importance of communication theories not only in the academe but also in the everyday work field;
  • acquire basic training in news gathering and news writing;
  • comprehend the basics of research in journalism;
  • write straight news, feature, editorial, and commentary;
  • point out the importance of principles and practices in journalism;
  • articulate ideas concisely and effectively;
  • capture news worthy photos and present them objectively;
  • identify the laws and ethics that govern the practice of media;
  • apply proper skills in editing and layout;
  • apply adequate skills in managing a newspaper;
  • learn and apply frameworks and approaches in the 21st century communication research;
  • produce a research relevant to journalism;
  • use techniques in producing broadcast quality news reports and print quality news write ups; and
  • apply industry-based knowledge in actual industry.