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Bachelor of Science in Psychology


The SSCR Psychology program aims to educate students in the study of the human mind; its functions, behaviors, and mental processes. Students will be exposed to the fundamental theories of psychology as well as their modern day applications in society, providing them exposure in the industrial, clinical, and educational field. The program also prepares them for the Psychometrician licensure exam should the students decide to pursue their professional license.

Program Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the program, a Sebastinian graduate of BA Broadcasting should be able to:

  • gain appreciation for how Psychology occurs and influences various phenomena and behavior in everyday life;
  • evaluate Psychology in various interdisciplinary contexts and perspectives that range from historical, behavioral, cultural, and environmental and current issues in both local and international contexts;
  • develop critical thinking, observation, and reasoning skills for independent learning in graduate education or in professional settings;
  • explain and communicate psychological theories, ideas, and concepts in oral and written form;
  • nurture positive interpersonal relationships with peers, clients, and others in through the application of psychological theories and concepts;
  • maintain professional and ethical behaviors in conducting psychological research and practices;
  • be able to efficiently and accurately conduct psychological assessments and evaluations;
  • be equipped with the theoretical and practical skills for the application of new studies and findings in psychology in a professional setting; 
  • encourage continuous growth through the gaining of more knowledge and experience beyond the academic institution such as through online learning, workshops, etc.; and
  • be socially responsible citizens with values anchored on the Catholic Christian principles and the Augustinian Recollect ideals.