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San Sebastian College – Recoletos Grade School Department is a unit of the Basic Education Department of SSC-R Manila. It offers an elementary program that has consistently earned the stamp of approval of the Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU), an established accrediting institution in the country.

In the beginning, San Sebastian College-Recoletos catered to boys exclusively. Later, in 1973, due to numerous requests abetted partly by neighboring schools that phased out their grade school, the department opened its environment to girls. Since then, SSC has become co-educational.

The Grade School Department occupies a wing of the whole structure which was built in 1966. It has its own facilities like the Library, Instructional Media Center, Viewing Room, Science Laboratory, Home Economics and Livelihood Education Rooms, Guidance Office, Computer Laboratories, Music and Physical Education Room, and Playroom. Some facilities are shared with the other departments, e.g. Domingo Carceller Theater, Diego Cera Auditorium, St. Ezekiel Moreno Chapel, and the School Canteen.


We commit to provide Quality Catholic Christian Education for the holistic formation of every person to become socially responsible, morally upright, academically and technologically competent leaders and professionals ready to meet the needs and demands of the local and global communities.


We want San Sebastian College- Recoletos Manila to be a leading dynamic Catholic Christian Educational Institution whose graduates are intellectually and globally competitive individuals imbued with Augustinian Recollect values.

Objectives Of The Grade School Department

The grade school professes the following specific peculiar to itself:

  • To teach the pupils the basic doctrines of the Catholic faith, in the Augustinian Recollect tradition, prepare them for the Sacraments of Reconciliation, Eucharist and Confirmation, instill devotion to Jesus Christ, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints, encourage them to participate in liturgy and to join retreats and recollections and nourish the practice of Christian values; 
  • To nurture a value system based on the Augustinian Recollect spirituality, the fruits of which are interiority, community life, freedom, friendship, Marian Devotion, justice and love;
  • To set up balanced and quality instructional programs that promotes pupil’s mastery of fundamental knowledge, attitudes, habits and skills, and that upholds passion for excellence;
  • To enhance pupil’s acquisition of basic health and safety knowledge and practices for clean, wholesome living and recreation; and
  • To cultivate appreciation of the Filipino heritage and the arts.


Preliminary Survey: Through the Eye of an Eagle (SY 1982-1983)

More seminars and workshops for administrators and teachers were held in the summer of 1982. On May 31, 1982, a formal letter was sent to PAASCU as regards the pre-survey schedule of the Elementary Department. The actual work of the analysis and evaluation committees began henceforth. The Elementary Department of San Sebastian College had the Preliminary Survey on December 6, 7 and 8, 1982. The PAASCU report which was received in March 1983, showed that the Department was given two years to work on the recommendations and to prepare for the Formal Survey.

Formal Survey: Achieving Level 1 Accredited Status (1985-1986)

The preparations for the Formal Survey started right after the Department received the result of the Preliminary Survey in March 1983. Determined to earn the stamp of approval from a reputable accrediting institution, the Department embarked on a thorough study and implementation of the recommendations given during the preliminary visit. The formal survey visit was held on August 6-8, 1985. Eventually, PAASCU granted Level 1 accredited status for three (3) years to the Department. This achievement inspired the administrators, faculty, student and parents to continually work toward achieving great heights in the coming years.

Resurvey Visits: A Reaffirmation of Quality Standards through a Level II Reaccredited Status: (1988-2009)

The first resurvey was considered as another major milestone in the accreditation history of the school. There was no stopping the Department as it earned clean reaccredited status for five years, visit after visit. This accomplishment attested to the fact that the Department has been meeting the high standards PAASCU had set for educational institutions which are aspiring recognition for their effort toward achieving academic excellence.

The Next Level: PAASCU Level III Accreditation (SY 2009-2010)

Continually driven by its passion for excellence, the Department does not sit on its laurels for too long, so to speak. It grabs every opportunity for growth and development that comes its way. With this guiding principle, the Department embarked on another journey leading to PAASCU Level III accredited status.

It seemed like traversing through uncharted waters, but with the help of supportive administrators, dedicated and cooperative academic and non-academic personnel, parents, students, alumni and other stake holders, the Department hurdled the obstacles and reaped the sweetest fruit of their toil, the much coveted PAASCU Level III Accredited Status.

The Grade School Department, henceforth, has been successful in its campaign towards sustaining its tradition of excellence marked by the Level III Re-accredited Status conferred by PAASCU in SY 2013 – 2014 and in SY 2018 – 2019.  The most recent certification is valid until the year 2024.

Timeline of PAASCU Survey Visits

Date of Visit Nature of Visit Status Granted Level
December 6-8, 1982 Preliminary Passed Row 1, Content 2
August 6-8, 1985 Formal Accredited for 3 years I
October 19-21, 1988 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years II
February 9-10, 1994 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years II
March 4-5, 1999 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years II
February 18-19, 2004 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years II
February 19-21, 2009 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years II
October 2009 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years III
February 20-21, 2014 Resurvey Reaccredited for 5 years III
February 13-14, 2019 Resurvey Reaccredited III

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