SSC-R Manila, as a Catholic learning institution as administered by the Augustinian Recollect (OAR) Priests, adheres to have quality management by defining the “quality of programs and services” being offered to all members of the community. With this, OAPD needs research and development, regular and effective inspection, planning and evaluation and quality control to detect theprocesses and services that do not meet quality standards. More so, the department needs to uphold the programs and services that shall meet the local and international quality standards by implementing the quality management principles, quality assurance and total quality management. Quality Assurance is more than just testing the quality of the various aspects of the institution’s product (the students), its service or facility. It also includes analyzing the quality to make sure it conforms to specific requirements of the school’s leadership and complies with the school’s established goals of attaining globally competitive standard.

Quality Assurance Mechanism (QAM) is a method used by SSC-R Manila in managing all its educational programs and activities that affect the quality of services in order to prevent faults, damages and failures. Quality Assurance in SSC-R Manila is an ongoing process that ensures the delivery of agreed standards. These agreed standards should make sure every system, of which the quality is assured, has the potential ability to achieve a high quality of content. Quality Assurance should not be confused with accreditation. Accreditation process is just part of the Quality Assurance System.

It is in this context that the Office of the Accreditation, Planning and Development (OAPD) exists in the College for systematic monitoring and evaluation to ensure that standards of quality are being met.


  • To achieve the highest level of national accreditation as granted by the accrediting local and international agencies;
  • To ensure that the policies and guidelines are clear and the processes are assessed through accreditation and planning to validate that the SSC-R Manila’s services are capable of meeting the needs of the internal and external stakeholders; and
  • To facilitate the continuous process of educational improvements in all levels.


Guided by its Life Purpose, Vision and Mission, San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila, OAPD commits itself with the following objectives:
A. On Accreditation

  • To administer and monitor the assessment and accreditation activities to ensure the maintenance of standards, school policies, quality assurance mechanisms and the accomplishment of targets in compliance with the requirements of the local and international accrediting agencies, DepEd, TESDA, CHED and other government agencies;
  • To coordinate with other units/ offices (internal and external) in the implementation and monitoring of the requirements, programs and services; and
  • To document pertinent papers for exhibits and references on the assessment, evaluation and accomplishment of SSC-R Manila.

B. On Planning and Development

  • To assist the school administration in conducting the institutional and departmental annual, midyear/term and the 5-year development planning;
  • To facilitate the growth and development of the school through efficient and effective planning, formulation of policies and coordination with the different offices of the college;
  • To ensure the regular revisit by the appropriate committee of the school’s organizational structure, life purpose, vision, mission, core values, institutional objectives, manuals and other institutional policies and procedures; and
  • To conduct monitoring activities, suggest ways to improve school operation, and help establish local and international tie ups/linkages.
On Accreditation Matters

  • Conducts regular orientation program on the nature, process and importance of accreditation;
  • Provides continuous assistance in the conduct of evaluation and assessment of programs and services through the use of the Self- Survey Forms provided by the Accrediting Agencies, DepEd and CHED;
  • Provides continuous assistance to the different office in the preparation of documents for exhibits during the accreditation visits of the accrediting agencies, RQAT of CHED, etc.;
  • Monitors the implementation of the standards and quality and provides updated memos and announcements from Accrediting agencies, DepEd, TESDA, CHED and other government agencies;
  • Provides a depository of Accreditation-related and other pertinent documents of the school;
  • Provides to all requesting individuals and offices in SSC-R Manila and other Recollect schools the necessary data related to accreditation and planning for the development, further studies, benchmarking and research; and
  • Provides consultancy services related to accreditation and planning.

On Planning Matters

  • Facilitates in the conduct of regular yearly, midterm and 5-year planning and evaluation ;
  • Provides to all offices the forms, documents and other materials necessary in the conduct of evaluation and planning;
  • Consolidates, disseminates and monitors the annual and monthly institutional calendar of activities; and
  • Serves as member of the different committees and other functions designated by the President to revisit the manuals, organizational structure, V-M-CV-IO, development programs and activities.

Accreditation News and Updates

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