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In CMLI and YMCA – Sebastinians Garner Awards

Sebastinians from Grade School and High School Departments garnered awards from the Children’s Museum and Library, Inc. (CMLI) held last February 25, 2017 and 28th Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) held last January 29 to February 1,2017.

In the national competition for excellence organized by the CMLI through the Children and Youth Academic Day (CAYAD) 2017, the following Grade School winners include Mark Angelo Y. Arda proclaimed as Cham-pion, Spelling Bee; Raizey Abiel M. Reyes as 1st Runner up, in Essay Writing in Filipino; Angelo Dela Rosa as Champion in Editorial Writing in English; Abigail Jhezerie S. Ordonio as Champion in Editorial Writing in Filipino; Daniel David M. Hinkle 1st Runner up, Poetry Writing in English; Bianca Aguilar, 1st Runner up, Poetry Writing in Filipino; Miranda Maricella Shem C. Pasidis, Champion, Extemporaneous Speech in English; Sebastian Dane Bien, Champion, Extempo- raneous Speech in Filipino; and Rossel Marl P. Trinidad, 1st Runner up, Poster Making.

In the 8th National YMCA Adviser Seminar-Workshop and Junior Leaders Campference, the Grade School Department received awards for the Biggest Delegation and individual awards for the following graders: Raizey Abiel M. Reyes, Champion in Word Factory; Lecxon Lyzander Palma, 3rd place in Word Factory; Jesus Otamias Jr., Champion, Chess- Boys Division; Wendell Villadolid , 3rd place, Chess- Boys Division; Jean Romelind G. Iral , 2nd  place, Chess- Girls Division); Jalen Rose G. Iral , 3rd place, Chess- Girls Division; Jose Luis G. Villoria, 2nd place, Spelling Bee; Maxynne Castro , 3rd place, Spelling Bee;  Grant Kabuyana Simasiku , Champion in Quiz Bee; Andrea Pelias , 3rdplace, Essay Writing in Filipino; Rossel Mar P. Trinidad, Champion, Poster Making Contest; Juliana Ritaga , 2nd place, Poster Making Contest); Janine Pedro, 2nd place, Slogan Writing in English); Miranda Maricella Shem C. Pasidis was chosen as Ms. Campference 2017; and Anton Dominic Sanchez received the Loyalty Award).

Meanwhile in the 28th Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) National Assembly of High School Students held in Baguio City, SSC-R was recognized with an Outstanding Delegation while on the individual level, some student delegates received recognitions for their leadership skills and excellence and were elected as officers and these include Fatima Queenie Joy M. Cagandahan, Grade 10-St. Augustine, elected as Commission Chairman and Minority Floor Leader, and was awarded as one of the Outstanding Delegates; Rhealyn C. Bendal, Grade 10- St. Augustine, elected as Commission Rapporteur; Carlos Louise P. Colengco, Grade 9-St. Peter, elected as Commission Rapporteur; Charlene Mae C. Mendoza and Loraine Riza A. Pastrana, Grade 10-St. Augustine, elected as Commission Governors); Robert Arelle R. Lacap and Andre F. Andrada, Grade 9-St. Peter, elected as Commission Governors; Miguel Angelo L. Basuel, Grade 7-Charity, elected as Commission Governor.

A set of awards was also received by students for winning in the various competitions in the assembly and these are: Miguel Angelo L. Basuel and Paul Timothy C. Hernandez, Grade 7 – Charity, as runners-up in the Extemporaneous Speaking ; Jullyann Richell P. Escolar Chua, Grade 8 – Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Slogan Making Contest in English ; Kyle K. Martinez, Grade 9 – St. Peter, winner in Y Got Talent ; and Jonlene Mae S. Andal, Grade 10 – St. Augustine , as winner in Spelling Quiz Bee and Chess Female Category.

Other winners for various categories include: Alissandra Daen O. Sobreviñas, 2nd Runner up in Word Factory; Sheila Marie N. Lastrollo, Loraine Riza A. Pastrana, Maria Krizelle E. Lao, Robert Arelle R. Lacap, Miguel Luis A. Tan, Julianna Ysabelle C. Sosongco, Carlos Louise P. Colengco, Razel David M. Sutare, Jessica Paula M. Manlosa, and Bruce Justine P. Escolar Chua, 2nd Runner up, Y Got Talent Group Category; Zhin Jewel L. Ganituen, selected as Lakambini 2016; Kenneth Troy A. Chung, Top 10 Finalist for Lakan ; and lastly, Jonlene Mae S. Andal and Martin Marcus P. Muncal received Loyalty Awards.