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Research Center

Brief Introduction About The Department

The Research Center is the heart and mind of the research endeavors of the Institution. It is also the depository of all research publications of the institution and is the official address for all journal exchanges in favor of the school with other learning establishments, foundations, associations, and professional groups whether local, national or international. It is the office that publishes all institutional research outputs and is the hub of all research branches within the institution.

Core Values

  • Engaging research culture
  • Innovative research agenda
  • Regular research publications
  • Probing research endeavors

Institutional Research Council

The Institutional Research Council (IRC) coordinates and helps set standards on all matters about student research such as undergraduate thesis writing, and faculty research requirements.

The Institutional Research Council Members

Deans (College, IREP, IGS, COL,), Director of ETEEAP, Head (ANTF/ OPS or Representative), Chair of the Languages and Humanities

Description Of The Institutional Research Publication

An indispensable competent in a school’s research infrastructure is the publication of research on a continuing basis. A quality control system shall be adopted to ensure that only valuable and meritorious research outputs are included in these releases. They shall serve as one avenue to widen the dissemination of research findings so that audiences and other interested researchers are reached. The following are the different types of SSC-R publications:

The Academician

The official publication of the faculty members of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila and is published on a semestral basis. The said publication is multi-disciplinary and inter-collegial. Preference is given to research papers with widespread scholarship and intellectual appeal.

The Questers

The official publication of the Academic Non-Teaching Faculty (ANTF) of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila and is published annually.
The “Questers” is taken from the root word “quest” which means the act of seeking; a looking for something and also the person or persons searching. It stands for the group of the dynamic, prolific and goal-oriented batch of researchers from the Academic Non-Teaching Faculty (ANTF).

The Research Gazette

An excellent research exposure that extends a special invitation to student-researchers to join other undergraduates and student research scientists from San Sebastian College – Recoletos, Manila. The Research Gazette is published once in every school year.

OTIUM: A Journal of Research Abstracts

Designed to create a comprehensive database for research from all research publications within the San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila such as: The Academician (formerly SSC-R de Manila Faculty Research Journal), The Questers, The Sebastinian Research Gazette (formerly Student Research Gazette), The Business Guardian (formerly Institute of Graduate Studies Research Journal), and The Law Forum.


The CSMRJ is the official annual journal of the Research Center of San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila. Being an internationally peer-reviewed journal, CSMRJ adopts the double-blind review process in which the reviewer/s and the author/s do not know each other’s identity. The reviewers of the journal are mostly members of the international community with a great reputation in their field of expertise, will draw suitably from numerous academic disciplines, solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.

Office Hours

Monday to Friday (8-5 pm)

Organizational Structure

  • Vice President for Academic Affairs- Rev Fr. Ferdinand V. Fornilos, OAR
  • Research Director- Dr. Mario H. Maranan
  • Research Assistant- Mr. Arren B. Santos
  • Editor- Ms. Ma. Antonieta G. Zoleta
  • Statistician- Mr. Marcon Valderama 


Institutional Research Goals And Objectives

The following goals and objectives give flesh and blood, soul and body to the research aspirations of the institution:

  • To regularly update the comprehensive long and short-range institutional research agenda keeping them aligned to the National Higher Education Research Agenda 2 (NHERA2) of the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd), responsive to professional demands of the 21st century, and supportive of the vision and mission of the Institution and the Research Department.
  • To draft and implement sustainable research developmental programs, projects, and activities to maintain research initiatives and advance investigative fervor among the faculty members and personnel of the Institution.
  • To organize and conduct research enhancing capability programs to foment a culture of research and philosophy of inquiry.
  • To aim for a research-based curricular academic offering adoptive and responsive to professional demands and international standards.
  • To encourage faculty and personnel researchers to conduct inquiry and investigation in their field of specialization.
  • To regularly update research direction and agenda in favor of local needs, national concerns, and international obligations.
  • To conduct a timely revision of research policies and procedures.
  • To create linkages with zonal, regional and other research groups to contribute to local, national and international social responsibility through research.
  • To continuously publish quality research outputs of the SSCR community.
  • To pursue journal exchange with other learning institutions in the country, Asia, and the world to share new knowledge and updated resources and to engage in recent discoveries and current developments.

Services Offered

  • Research Mentoring/Advising
  • Data Analysis
  • Validation of Research Instrument
  • Language Editing
  • Peer-reviewing
  • Similarity Index Checking