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SSC-R is incorporating the Sebastinian Graduate Attributes to course syllabi, program goals and objectives, students orientation, manual handouts and examinations. However, the institution is still waiting for the Commission on Higher Education Memorandum Order to proceed with the undertakings.

The Sebastinian Graduate Attributes is anchored in the Order of the Augustinian Recollects or the “Tatak Rekoleto” identity in the academe:


(a)   Orthodoxy in Catholic Faith Demonstrate correct understanding, assimilation and proclamation of the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith (i.e. Triune God, Church, Magisterium, Sacraments, etc.),


Demonstrate mastery and interiorization of the Catholic Faith and Church Teachings
(b) Integrity in Moral Life Demonstrate a life in obedience to the will of God as taught and lived by Jesus Christ and interpreted by the Magisterium,


Assimilate the Catholic moral principles in the light of the Beatitudes and live them up virtuously in diverse situations
(c) Dynamism in Prayer Life Participate fully, consciously and actively in all forms of worship to God “in Christ, through Christ and with Christ: as a way of life towards service to others,


Give fitting worship to God integrating the liturgical, devotional and sacramental life of the Church with personal conviction
(d) Contemplative Character – Demonstrate personal relationship with Christ through search for truth in prayers and introspection towards “life under the shelter of God, life with God, life received from God, the very life of God himself” (Sermon 297; OAR Constitutions 8), Lead a life animated by prayer and immerse actively and holistically in different spiritual and liturgical activities in the community
(e) Communitarian Character -Show love and concern for family, Church, and society by building friendship and solidarity “as children of God and brethren of Christ” (OAR Constitutions 17), Apply the Augustinian meaning and implications of friendship and communion in community life
(f) Apostolic Character Share the joy  of the Gospel “for all people to love God with us” (De Doctr. Christ 77, Constitutions 23) especially “to the weakest members” (De Op. Wonach, Constitutions 26) and show care for the environment, Imbibe the joy of the Gospel and express it in apostolic activities through community service, care of environment, interfaith and intercultural dialogue and other sustainable initiatives
(g) Marian Emulate Mary, Our Lady Consolation, as model of faith, humility and obedience and “as a sign of sure hope and of comfort for the people of God on their journey.” (Lumen Gentium 68, OAR Constitutions 30). Show/practice filial devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through Marian devotional and liturgical activities


The academic department will be working for the permission from CHED to incorporate the Sebastinian Graduate Attributes by school year 2017-2018.