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CPA 9th placer inspires studes

Last June 26, Mr. Veejay P. Radovan, Rank 9 CPA Board Passer, was invited by the CABACS Department to give a short talk and some pieces of advice to Senior BSA Students under Mr. Manny Mengullo.

Radovan shared his experiences before he decided to take Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. He said he wanted to take Fine Arts but he realized that he didn’t want to see himself carrying and selling paintings. His next choice was to become a seaman because he idolized his father, but his father said that he’s too young to become a seaman. So he decided to become a CPA.

During the years when he was in Basic Education, his parents expected much from him. They expected that he will always be one of the outstanding students; unfortunately he failed to live up to this expectation. That was why he aimed at graduating cum laude in College. At first, he succeeded landing in the Dean’s List for three years, but he failed again to graduate with that desired Latin honor. After this then, he merely dreamed to pass the CPA Board Examination. When he took the pre-board examination, though, he ranked top 40 that motivated him and made him think that he can probably make it to be one of the topnotch passers of the CPA Board Examination.

He kept dreaming to be a topnotcher, because he believed that dreaming gives us the determination to pursue our goals. “I’m not smart; but I have the confidence and determination that I can (make it),” he quipped.

“Our goal is to be CPA someday, but now our goal is to become a topnotcher.” These are the words that he gave to the students for them to be challenged, not only to pass the board examination but also to follow his lead landing on the top of the passers.

As he ended his talk, he gave a very inspiring message to the students: “Keep dreaming and don’t be afraid to get hurt. Continue, enjoy and work hard.”

After the talk, BSA students felt grateful to Radovan for sharing his experiences and inspiring them to pursue their dreams.