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Cultural Exchange Program with Naresuan University, Thailand

A cultural exchange program between SSC-R Manila and Naresuan University was organized and was still ongoing between the dates of July 12-July 25.

This program will open new opportunities for students of both schools, broaden their perspectives, and help them understand each other’s culture even more.

Opportunities that are not available for each of the schools will be made by the use of this program. It would show each school how the other teaches their students and how they learn. It would be possible that because of this program some students of the schools said they would want to try studying at the school they visited.

The cultural exchange program includes not only going to the schools of the participants but also introduces them to the local culture itself. One of the things that they participated in are the introduction of each school’s respective music and sports which are simple things easy to understand, this gives them a way of knowing more about the country that they are visiting without knowledge of the language itself.

Not only will this program help attain understanding of each other’s culture and educational background, but it will also help the students gain moments of relaxation from the pressures of school without their even noticing it, because through this program they will learn and enjoy at the same time.