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Grade School SDPC holds a Webinar on ‘Parenting Kids in the New Normal’

In its commitment to continue offering services to parents especially during this time of pandemic and as part of the student services, the Grade School Student Development and Placement Center (GS SDPC) spearheaded a two-day parenting webinar held last November 26-27, 2020 for parents of grade school pupils. The guest speaker is former ProLife Philippines Foundation Inc. President and currently one of its board members; also a pillar of the Family and Life Ministry of the Diocese of Cubao; Mr. Edgardo C. Sorreta. Bro. Ed as he is fondly called spoke on the topic “Parenting Kids in the New Normal”.

Parents play a crucial role in the learning process of children especially in this time of pandemic when a new normal is unfolding. “New” parenting challenges emerged as a result of the pandemic. For one, parents are faced with embracing online schooling as much as children do. How to effectively help kids not only in dealing with the challenges of the new normal of learning and schooling but more so in the socio-emotional adjustment and mental health of children are just some of the concerns parents, teachers and counselors face these days. It is in this regard that the Grade School SDPC has come up with this webinar on the topic “Parenting Kids in the New Normal”. The webinar was held for two days, catering to the parents of pupils from the primary level, (Kindergarten-Grade 3) in the morning of November 26, 2020, and parents of pupils in the intermediate level (Grades 4 – 6) in the afternoon of November 27, 2020. There were fifty-eight (58) attendees on the first day, while there were seventy-six (76) attendees on the second day.

According to Mr. Sorreta “The youth is the hope of our future, but the parents are the hope of the youth”. He also discussed the ten behaviors children ages 8 – 14 identified as qualities children wanted in their parents and these are summarized in the acronym: C.L.A.S.H.C.R.A.S.H which stands for closeness, love, acceptance, support, harmony, consideration, respect, attention, safety, and honesty The speaker also stressed that as parents, “We can be FRIENDS with our children on POWER issues but we should always be a PARENT to them on MORAL issues”. An example of power issues are dress codes, orderliness, house rules, etc.; whereas, moral issues are those that involve naming a few, stealing, cheating, fairness, honesty, and the likes. He also mentioned in his presentation a study about the role of fathers in honing the faith of children. According to him, the best predictor of whether a child will maintain a religious commitment in adult life is not the faith of the mother BUT the faith of the father. Children tend to take their cues about domestic life from the mother, while their conceptions of the world outside come from the father. If the father takes faith in God seriously, then the message to their children is that God should be taken seriously. Other areas that were discussed are the roles of parents in online schooling and the best way they can help their kids cope and deal with the challenges of the new learning platform.

1.Olga O. Paguia, Principal, Grade School Department, gave the Welcome Remarks for the webinar. The Grade School Counselor, Mrs. Ana Lourdes C. Aseron introduced the speaker while Ms. Ma. Teresa E. Ronquillo, the SDPC Head gave the closing remarks. Rev. Fr. Arnel F. Diaz, Director for Basic Education delivered the closing blessings. Ms. Allison C. Mortera, Junior Highschool Counselor served as co-moderator with Mrs. Aseron during the two-day webinar. Selected grade school advisers, teachers, and counselors were also present during the webinar.

There were also some prizes given away for the early birds and those who attended as a family. Prizes such as umbrellas and note pads were from the External Affairs Office. Mrs. Alma Onda, Mrs. Leaban, and the Hassan Family are among those awarded prizes.

The parenting webinar also received an excellent evaluation from the parents. Many of them are grateful for the timely topic. The speaker was also excellently commended. Parents are also clamoring for more parenting webinars A total of sixty-one parents and guardians participated in the online evaluation process.