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Master of Laws Program begins in Cebu

The Master of Laws consortium program of San Sebastian College-Recoletos (SSCR) and University of Cebu (UC) formally commenced on February 22, 2019. The students- legal professionals, who are mostly members of the faculty and alumni of UC College of Law Banilad campus are off to their journey of higher learning in law.

This consortium program is one of the pet projects of the Graduate School of Law that is seen to bolster compliance of law professors to the Legal Education Board Memorandum No. 1 that requires Master’s Degree in Law to teach in law schools. More than the compliance, considering that even those exempted from Memorandum enrolled in the program, is the fact that there is a need to promote legal research and pedagogy in law schools while elevating levels of discourse in law.

Dean Rodel A. Taton, who is a Master of Laws and Doctor of Civil Law, believes that this is a great contribution of the SSCR Graduate School of Law to legal education in the country.

Seated in front are Professor Dr. Amado Maralit, DCL and Graduate School of Law Dean Dr. Rodel A. Taton, DCL with the students in the SSCR-UC LLM Consortium program in University of Cebu, Banilad Campus.