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Naresuan U visits SSC-R Manila

San Sebastian College-Recoletos Manila (SSC-R) and Naresuan University (NU) Partnership Meeting was held on May 27 at the SSC-R Manila Seminar Room. Dr. Mario H. Maranan, the Area Chairperson for the Languages and Humanities, representing the College of Arts and Sciences, welcomed the delegates from Naresuan University headed by their Dean of the Faculty of BEC, Dr. Sujinda Chemsripong.

Maranan emphasized the importance of the Memorandum of Understanding between SSC-R Manila and NU that aims to strengthen its ties as academic institutions that promote language and cultural diversity for the 21st century.

Maranan reiterated that the two institutions agreed to have cooperation on the following activities: (1) a joint research activity, (2) exchange of professors/research scholars/staff, (3) exchange of students, and (4) promotion of other academic and non-academic activities. These activities are based on the principles of respect for both parties’ independence and of mutual benefits.

He also enumerated the proposed items for the said MOU with NU Thailand as follows: (1) SSC-R Manila may enter into a joint venture with the NU Thailand in sponsoring seminars within a year that are relevant to various issues significant to the programs being offered by both institutions, particularly in the fields of Psychology, Political Science, Mass Communication, Languages and Humanities; (2) Both institutions may engage in a cultural exchange program and in projects that will develop the areas of Languages and Humanities and the Social Sciences; (3) The language center tie -up of both institutions will be strengthened; (4) SSC-R Manila may accept NU Thailand students for On-the-Job Trainings, subject to the approval of the President of SSC-R Manila, Philippines in the same manner as the NU Thailand may also accept SSC-R Manila students for On-the-Job Trainings subject to the approval of the President of the NU Thailand.

These proposed items will be reviewed and finalized by both institutions to arrive at a Memorandum of Agreement.
Maranan also extended his gratitude to the administration of NU for sending 14 students to SSC-R Manila last May 2014 to June 2014 to study a crash course in English with Dr. Ruby Senatin, in cooperation with the College of International Hospitality Management and Corporate Communications Department, spearheading the said program. In return, and as a sign of sincerity to the MOU, a group from the College of Arts and Sciences went to Thailand last November 2014 for a bench marking activity.

Also in attendance during the meeting were some members of the SSC-R Manila faculty and some lay administrators that included Corporate Communications Director, Dr. Marygrace Ac-Ac; Research Director, Dr. Jerica Baculod; Center for Culture and the Arts Artistic Director, Mr. Joey Vargas; and the CABACS Dean, Dr. Lolita de Guzman.

The visit of the representatives from the NU, according to Dr. Maranan, is another milestone in realizing the endeavor to strengthen SSC-R’s international cooperation and linkages with them.

Naresuan U proposes programs for partnership

by Thea Pamela Pauline A. Javier, M.C.

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This served as the banner statement of the recently concluded visit of Thailand’s Naresuan University to San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila last May 27 this year.
Dr. Mario H. Maranan opened the meeting by sharing stories of the College of Arts and Sciences’ visit to Naresuan University last November for possible partnership. He remembered Dr. Sujinda Chemsripong’s dream of Macro-Skills becoming more understood in a classroom setting. Their vision of a linkage between two institutions that live together in harmony continues. As Dr. Maranan had put it, “the Philippines cannot live alone.” He further stated that the Thai faculty’s visit is another milestone in strengthening the tie between the two academic institutions.

In response to Dr. Maranan’s warm welcome, Associate Professor Dr. Sujinda Chemsripong, Dean of Nareusan University’s Faculty of Business, Economics and Communications, expressed her gratitude towards the Sebastinian community and revealed that since they heard about SSC-R Manila, they had plans to visit sometime in the future. Then she quipped, that time is now.

With both institutions offering similar courses – Accountancy, Business, Computer, Tourism, Communication and Finance — Dr. Chemsripong mentioned several projects that they want to undertake together with SSC-R Manila. These include the Exchange Student Program, Cooperative Education, Student Training, English Language Teaching for chosen Naresuan staff, Exchange Lecturer Program, Co-researching, and Group Training for Sebastinians and Naresuan students. The Naresuan delegation also announced and invited for participants to an International Conference on Communication that their University is holding August of this same year.

Dr. Chemsripong also shared the new programs they have recently opened for this coming school year such as Asian Business for the MBA, Doing Business in Other Countries, Strategic Management for Information Technology and a PhD Program for Business Administration.

Dr. Lolita de Guzman, the Dean of the College of Accountancy, Business Administration and Computer Studies of SSC-R Manila assured the visitors that the Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions will be reviewed and finalized by the SSC-R Manila School Board . Shall there be any comments, suggestions or modifications, the other party will be notified immediately.

Dr. Jerica Liza Baculod inquired about the funding program for the Exchange Staff for Research. In response, Dr. Chemsripong mentioned several platforms that a Researcher may opt to adapt: government assistance, scholarship, and university funding for deserving researchers. Mr. Joey Vargas, Artistic Director of SSC-R Manila’s Center for Culture and the Arts, on the other hand, asked for clarification of a cultural program the Thai delegates mentioned.

Dr. Mary Grace Ac-ac, Director of the Corporate Communications Department concluded the meeting by pronouncing that this event proved that the history of the two institutions’ relationship shall flourish more in the future. Both institutions commit to expanding in areas with which both have shared interest especially in terms of education, research, and arts and culture.

The partnership event was also graced by the following members of the Naresuan University delegation: Dr. Sukij Khorchurklang, the Associate Dean for Graduate School Affairs; Mr. Kristsana Nakpasong, Assistant Dean for Public Relations; Mrs. Piyapan Mukphet, International Relations Officer; and Mrs. Pattaraporn Sukolratmaneekorn, Public Relations Officer. Also present were San Sebastian College- Recoletos Manila Area Chairs, and Ms. Aisa Arlos who served as the Master of Ceremonies.