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READS hold team-building act

Every year, the READS organization elects new officers to lead their members. Having these officers is essential for the progress and development of the organization. In order to guide the members, they have to work as a team which means they have to be connected with each other. A team-building activity is necessary to have this bond and it will also serve as a preparation for their term as leaders.

The current officers had their team-building activity from June 13 to June 14 at the Recoletos Retreat house – Pililia, Rizal. Ms. Jaivie del Socorro and Mr. LA Montaño were invited to facilitate and to guide the officers throughout the whole team-building activity.

The activities led the group in sharing their experiences and insights about what TEAM should have. The Circle of Promise activity concluded the night when each of the officers made a promise and spoke about their willingness, expectations and objectives for the organization. The officers were filled with so much emotion as they reflect and spoke.

Rev. Fr. Gideon Lagrimas, OAR served as the Presider during the celebration of the Holy Mass concluding the entire event. It was a spiritual moment for the officers. The values learned from this team-building activity surely will not be limited to that day only. Everything they acquired from it shall be applied for the whole year as leaders.