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SAS promotes art explorations

The Sebastinian Arts Society strives to work towards the develop of its members’ artistry and towards assisting in the development of the community’s aesthetic sensibilities. Towards the end of last school year, the Society staged – together with the SSC-R Manila Singers Ensemble – a concert entitled, I Believe, featuring Sebastinian musicians. The Society also featured the photographic works of one of its members, Julius Vincent B. Barrientos, in an exhibit entitled, EyePhone: Into My Eyes (click to view).

The cultural work continues.

Last April 18, some members of the Sebastinian Arts Society went on an Art Walk visiting the visual and multimedia art works on display at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. They were accompanied by the SSC-R Manila Center for Culture and the Arts Artistic Director, Mr. Joey G. Vargas and his Administrative Assistant, Mr. Kyle James Solar. The trip allowed the group to be exposed to the works of National Artists on permanent display at the CCP and to those of Marc Gaba, Gino Javier, Nomar Bayog Miano, and Jaime de Guzman whose works were on display at that time. Such exposure allow these young artists to get in touch with their own imagination and sense of aesthetics.

Now, with Ms. Katrina Arca serving as the Society’s Student Managing Director, the group continues to plot projects and events meant to promote art in the campus and beyond. The projects are also meant to guide the members to make a connection between their art and the society, developing the members’ social awareness and understanding the many roles artists play in the development of humanities.

Justin Cafe, a young visual artist-member of the Society, collaborating with Mr. Solar, mounted an Installation Art using mixed media. The Installation was mounted on June 15 this year, and depicted an interpretation of the art forms of dance, music, literature, and the visual arts. It theorized that as the artist create an art work, the art work itself gives the artist life; and in so doing, both the art and the artist add up to the greater scheme of things called life, in general. This inter-connectedness or this dialogue between the art and the art work transform itself and takes up a life of its own that it is able to send messsages to the others who are able to see the art work, and sometimes, the relationship of the art work and the artist.

A few weeks later, on the 1st of July, Cafe also spearheaded an Art Session with members of the Society, working on sketches, exploring on the still life.

As the Society continues to work towards the flourishing of the arts in San Sebastian, the group plans to hold more Art Exposures and Visual Art Sessions, and also continue to establish its music identity and direction.