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Sebastinians stand up for Christ

The San Sebastian College-Recoletos Manila holds a series of Eucharistic celebrations for its various departments in celebration of and as invocation to the Holy Spirit. During the eleven (11:00) o’clock celebration today, the 30th of July, Rev. Fr. Dionisio Selma, OAR, the Prior Provincial of the Province of St. Ezekiel served as presider con-celebrating with the new religious administrators of the college.

In his homily, reflecting on the Gospel, Fr. Selma reflected on the works of the Holy Spirit in our lives. He said that the Holy Spirit is symbolized by fire, dove and air. The Holy Spirit is symbolized first by a flame that can melt steel. Like a fire, the Holy Spirit can melt a hardened heart. Second is the dove, which symbolizes love, forgiveness, loyalty, faithfulness and unity. Fr. Selma said that in spite of the current situation of the San Sebastian community, the Sebastinians should become more loyal, more faithful and everyone must work for unity. The Sebastinians should keep the Sebastinian spirit alive. Lastly, talking about the symbolism of the air, he pointed out that it symbolizes the breath of God that keeps us alive.

Fr. Selma also gave an emphasis on values. He said that, now that the U.S. has legalized same-sex marriage, we should not think of it is God’s law. The students should not forget the values that their teachers impart to them.
Fr. Selma concluded his homily with these powerful words; “Sebastinians stand up for their values and stand up for Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit.”

The new religious administrators considered this celebration as an avenue to have an encounter with the college students. Rev. Fr. Nemesio Tolentin, OAR, the new College President introduced the religious administrators. Among the religious administrators who were at the mass were Rev. Fr. Glynn C. Ortega, OAR (VP for Student Welfare/ Director of Scholarship Program), Rev. Fr. Ferdinand V. Fornilos, OAR (VP for Academic Affairs), Rev. Fr. Gideon Antolin U. Lagrimas, OAR (VP for Religious Affairs/Chaplain, Campus Ministry Office/Director, Sebastinian Outreach Foundation Inc.), and Rev. Fr. Emeterio D. Buñao, OAR (VP for Administration/ Director, Human Resource Development Center).