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By Aubrey Nikko M. Valle

In partnership with the National Kidney and Transplant Institute (NKTI), the Sebastinian Community Development Extension Office (SCDEO), held a bloodletting activity during the fourth day of the 79th Foundation Celebration. Medical representatives from NKTI assisted in the screening of donors until the extraction process. Students, non-teaching personnel, and faculty members were the blood donors during the activity. And in gratitude for their blood donation, the NKTI gave the donors a free t-shirt, printed with a caption “Give Life, Donate Blood.”

Funlympics 2020

Religious Administrators, Lay Administrators, Teaching, Non-Teaching, Maintenance, and Security personnel competed with one another in a fun-filled and action-packed Funlympics 2020.
The participants actively took part in different activities and parlor games that showed their competitiveness, teamwork, and camaraderie. The activities ranged from cheering competition, ball relays, soda drinking, calamansi relay, and puzzle-solving among others. The activity became an avenue for the employees to express the inner child within themselves as they all desire to covet the prizes at stake at the expense of their opponents. The day concluded with a “salo-salo” over some big bila-os of Pancit Malabon awarded to eight participating teams and which were enjoyed by all members of each group.