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By Aubrey Nikko M. Valle
Interfaith Prayer for Unity and Peace: Launching of the Year of Ecumenism

The last day of the 79th Foundation Celebration started with an interfaith prayer for unity and peace. It launched the celebration of the Year of Ecumenism of the Roman Catholic Church. This prayer was headed by the School Chaplain, Rev. Fr. Allan Rubett A. Cabatian, OAR and was joined by our Sebastinian brothers and sisters from different religious denominations and sects. All representatives prayed in their own language and unique way with one goal: Unity and Peace.

This ecumenical prayer serves as an interdenominational initiative that encourages greater cooperation among Christians and their churches, whether or not the specific aim of that effort is full and visible unity. It can also be applied in the same way to other religions or to refer to unity between religions or between people in general, which may be non-sectarian or non-denominational. The celebration is part of the nine-year “spiritual journey”, which started in 2013, to prepare for the 500th anniversary of the arrival of Christianity in the Philippines in 2021. The Year of Ecumenism, Interreligious Dialogue, and Indigenous Peoples will replace the Year of the Youth, which will officially end on November 24, the feast of Christ the King. In conclusion to the activity, the whole Sebastinian Community sang the song “One More Gift” by Bukas Palad hand in hand asking the Lord with one more gift – peace on earth.

Field Demonstration

As traditionally practiced, the Grade School Department, Junior High School Department, and Senior High School Department showed off their moves and grooves in the annual field demonstration at the SSC-R Quadrangle. Different eras and styles were boasted as they battle out the drizzle. There were also performances from JHS Terpsichorean and San Sebastian Recoletos Dance Troupe.

Students’ Night

As the 79th Foundation Celebration came to a close, Viva Music Fest broke the silence during the Students’ Night XX. The night started with the performances from our very own Sebastinian local talents as front act. Performances from the grade school students, junior high school students, senior high school students, and Sebastinian Arts Society (SAS) were applauded by the mass. There was also a special performance rendered by a band composed of some Sebastinian professors and non-Sebastinian guests.

As the night loomed, the PPOP generation made their live performance in front of the Sebastinian Community. Games were also held and participated by Sebastinian students featuring products and prizes from sponsors Pepi Cubano, Paper Moon, and Viva Publications. There were also performances from Thyro & Yumi, Pio Balbuena, and the indie band, Sleep Alley. The night ended with main attraction performances from Janine Teñoso and Just Hush.